Stabilitrak Repair Cost: Is It Worth The High Cost?

Stabilitrak Repair Cost: Is It Worth The High Cost?

In any vehicle, your safety is paramount. Car makers are always looking for methods to improve the safety of their vehicles to prevent accidents. Stabilitrak is one of those features that help drivers maintain control of their cars. If the Stabilitrak system becomes compromised, you will find this article helpful to know how much a Stabilitrak repair cost.

Stabilitrak is composed chiefly of sensors. Replacing the sensors will cost you about $200 to $400, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. This job requires the service of a trained professional due to its complex nature. Repairing the Stabilitrak control system would typically cost $80 to $190, labor costs included.

The Stabilitrak is one feature that improves vehicle safety. It activates in split seconds at the sense of danger and dangerous driving. In certain environmental conditions, driving without proper traction control can prove costly. But we were hoping you could consider how expensive such a risk is compared with Stabilitrak repair cost.


Stabilitrak is GM’s unique Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system. It is present in every General Motors vehicle. It is a system that helps keep your car in position by making sure your wheel and tires are in the direction of the intended vehicle movement.

Their sensors apply the brakes to keep your tires from skidding on a slippery road and sudden acceleration by the driver. Stabilitrak monitors the grip of your tires on the road. In an instance where its sensors detect a loss of control, it influences the car’s trajectory in a matter of seconds.

It takes control of the steering using brake and engine power to prevent an accident. The system operates so that it can tell if the car is moving in the driver’s intended direction judging from steering movements.

You can say it is a driver’s support since it can effectively take over some steering control from the driver. It only does this when it senses any unusual movement. On addressing the situation, Stabilitrak returns control to the driver.

Stabilitrak monitors your vehicle as long as it isn’t faulty or turned off. It is an important safety feature. Mistakes on the road can happen so fast that even the best drivers are caught unawares. That is why you need Stabilitrak in your car and in good condition. You might be slow to react, but Stabilitrak is not.

Service Stabilitrak

Every GM car has a service Stabilitrak indicator on the dashboard. This message on your dashboard can indicate a problem with the Stabilitrak system or its interconnected components. The Stabilitrak system comprises the traction control, braking, and steering wheel.

You can learn more about the latter in our guide on what’s traction control on a car and what is traction control in a car. An inability of your Stabilitrak to receive signals from all linked systems or a calibration error will trigger this warning indicator. “Service Stabilitrak” signifies a need for immediate attention.

Stabilitrak Light

The Stabilitrak warning light indicates a fault in the Stabilitrak system. The light means you have to check and repair whatever fault it indicates. The Stabilitrak light can come on for several reasons. These reasons include the following:

Stabilitrak Repair Cost, Causes Of Failure: #1. Poor Connection

A faulty GM- LAN communication line can trigger your Service Stabilitrak Light. GM cars usually come with a plastic-covered GM-LAN communication line that runs down to the transmission. Damage to this communication line could prevent data transfer from the vehicle to Stabilitrak sensors.

Stabilitrak Repair Cost, Causes Of Failure: #2. Faulty Controller

The Stabilitrak, through its controller, analyzes signals from car sensors to determine what cause of action is best. The course of action is based on the information received. A malfunction of this controller will disrupt the Stabilitrak system’s performance.

Stabilitrak Repair Cost, Causes Of Failure: #3. Malfunctioning Output Sensor

For effective communication with the Stabilitrak, your car’s output sensors must be healthy. These sensors transmit signals from all systems connected to the Stabilitrak to the Stabilitrak itself. A sensor malfunction limits your Stabilitrak’s ability to receive and interpret signals.

Stabilitrak Repair Cost

Considering the complicated process of repairing a Stabilitrak, it is actually relatively affordable. Repairs will cost you about $80 to $190, depending on the kind of car you drive.

Stabilitrak repairs must be with a highly skilled mechanic. The process is delicate and complex due to the numerous sensors passing through the system. Do not attempt to do it yourself. You might cause further damage that will lead to more costs.

Stabilitrak Off

In specific situations, you might have to switch off the Stabilitrak system to gain complete control of your steering wheels. The system is programmed to resist unusual vehicle activity, including excessive acceleration.

An example of such a situation is when trapped in mud or climbing a hill. You will need to accelerate more than usual. To achieve this, you will need to switch off your Stabilitrak.

Service Stabilitrak Chevy Equinox

The illumination of your Chevy Equinox Service Stabilitrak Indicator means that the support of the Stabilitrak has been disconnected. If there is an event of a loss of traction of your wheels, the Stabilitrak will not assist you in getting your car back on track.

The absence of the Stabilitrak may not be noticed during normal driving until necessary. Your Equinox might disable cruise control without a functional Stabilitrak system. A steering wheel sensor controls the Stabilitrak system in Chevys.

Service Stabilitrak Chevy Malibu

In your Chevy Malibu, the Service Stabilitrak notice on the dashboard signifies a failure in your Stabilitrak system. This notice means that the Stabilitrak is no longer monitoring your vehicle to intervene in the event of a strange and probably risky tire movement.

The Chevy Malibu will automatically disable its cruise control function once the Stabilitrak system failure is detected. Under normal circumstances, you might not feel the absence of the Stabilitrak. But, it must work at total capacity.

Stabilitrak Repair Cost

Service Stabilitrak Chevy Cruze

Every GM product has a Stabilitrak in them, and your Chevy Cruze is no exception (fun fact, go check out our guide on the 2013 Chevy Cruze catalytic converter). A Service Sabilitrak notice on the dashboard signifies that the system is faulty and requires attention.

The Stabilitrak system is a safety feature. It is vital for rough road driving and can save you from accidents. Driving when the Stabilitrak is damaged is not encouraged.

Service Stabilitrak GMC Acadia

The Stabilitrak system is a trademark feature of GM vehicles. It aims to improve your car safety. Although its design is not noticeable in normal conditions, Stabilitrak helps prevent accidents in emergencies. The Service Stabilitrak lights turning on in your GMC Acadia is a pointer to the fact that your Stabilitrak system is faulty.

Once the lights turn on, endeavor to find the fault and fix it as soon as possible. Yes, you can drive without resolving the issue, but that is highly unsafe. The Stabilitrak might be what will save you in a car crash attempt.

Service Stabilitrak Chevy Silverado

Your Chevy Silverado comes with a Stabilitrak system installed in it. The Service Stabilitrak light on the dashboard is a pointer to the fact that your Stabilitrak system is not working correctly. This defect can result in the car disabling its cruise control function, power loss, and hard shifts.

Even though driving with this light does not pose an immediate threat, it is essential to know that you are driving without a critical safety feature. To prevent an avoidable accident, endeavor to get your car inspected and fixed when these lights come on.

Service Stabilitrak Chevy Traverse

Like all GM cars, the Chevy Traverse has a factory-fitted Stabilitrak system that monitors the wheels in line with the steering direction. Stabilitrak systems are an essential safety feature in GM cars, and the Chevy Traverse is not left out.

If you are driving and notice the appearance of the Service Stabilitrak indicator on your dashboard, it simply means your Stabilitrak system is down or faulty. The Stabilitrak doesn’t make much of an appearance when in good working condition. It flashes after you start the engine and in emergencies.

Stabilitrak Sensor Location

In most cars, the Stabilitrak Sensor is beneath the instrument panel in the vehicle. It is always at the center of the car instrument panel. The Stabilitrak Sensors work with other components to ensure your car drives at optimal capacity in emergencies.

Some vehicles might have their Stabilitrak sensors at other positions under the instrument panel. If you have difficulties locating the sensor in your car, consult your owner’s manual.

Stabilitrak And Traction Control Lights On

Stabilitrak Repair Cost

You can still drive your Chevy when both Stabilitrak and Traction Control lights are on (or you might notice a service traction control light). But, you might have to contend with some power loss and hard shifts. Although you can still drive with the hard shifts, we do not recommend it. 

Hard shifts are due to a loss of transmission fluid and metal-to-metal contact in the transmission. Hard shifts will eventually lead to wear if it persists. It is best not to drive your car with both lights to prevent severe damage to your transmission. The same also applies to the service traction control light. To learn more, check out our guide on what does service traction control mean.

Stabilitrak And Traction Control Disabling Itself

As a car owner, if you notice that the Stabilitrak and Traction Control of your vehicle keeps disabling itself, you might need to take your car for inspection. The disabling might be a direct consequence of engine misfiring. A misfiring engine will switch off both systems because they cannot function properly in that condition.

In a case like an engine misfire, it is not uncommon for the check engine light to come on. However, ignoring this and driving your car can destroy your engine. You should get the help of a mechanic who can inspect and diagnose your car’s problem and fix it appropriately.

Service Stabilitrak And Check Engine Light

A problem in the engine will disable the Strabilitrak system and turn on the Service Stabilitrak warning indicator. The check engine light, a warning light drawing attention to possible engine problems, will also come on. Both lights coming on might be a result of a misfiring engine.

Some causes of Service Stabilitrak and Check Engine light include the following: 

  • Bad spark plugs. 
  • Faulty timing chain.
  • Faulty ignition coil.
  • Defective throttle.
  • Bad mass air flow sensor.

Once you notice both lights are on, we recommend you take your car to the dealership or a professional mechanic for repairs. Driving with a defective Stabilitrak system might not pose an immediate danger, but a faulty engine sure does. On top of that, make sure you’re wary of the symptoms of a bad mass air flow sensor.

GMC Stabilitrak Issues

The Stabilitrak system operates so that once faulty, it alerts the car owner. If in good working condition, your Service Stabilitrak lights will not come on. In your GMC, a bad Stabilitrak will give issues beyond the warning indicator’s appearance. These issues may include the following:  

Stabilitrak Repair Cost: #1. Difficulty In Switching Off/On Stabilitrak

The Stabilitrak system comes with a switch that you can use to turn it on and off as you choose. A broken system will prove challenging to switch off or on. However, it might just be a result of a bad switch.

Stabilitrak Repair Cost: #2. Loss Of Cruise Control

Your GMC vehicle will most likely disable its cruise control feature once the Stabilitrak system fails. Take note of such an occurrence as it indicates the need for vehicle inspection.

Stabilitrak Repair Cost: #3. Loss Of ABS Function

The Stabilitrak is connected to the anti-lock braking system. It works together with the brakes to control the car in an emergency. Therefore, a defective ABS will affect the Stabilitrak’s ability to function. Once you notice your ABS warning light coming on, know that your Stabilitrak is also affected.

Stabilitrak Repair Cost: #4. Malfunctioning Traction Control

For its operation, the traction control system uses the same sensors as the Stabilitrak. A malfunctioning traction control reveals a possible fault in the Stabilitrak. To learn more, check out our guide on what is traction control.

Stabilitrak Repair Cost: #5. Service Stabilitrak Indicator

This Indicator is the first thing you will notice when your Stabilitrak has an issue. The Service Stabilitrak light draws your attention to a non-functioning Stabilitrak.

Service Traction Control And Stabilitrak

Stabilitrak and Traction Control are very similar car features. However, the Stabilitrak is more advanced than traction control. While traction control prevents tires from slipping by controlling the power distribution to the tires, Strabilitrak focuses on aligning tire positioning with steering direction.

The Traction Control system, Stabilitrak system, and the Anti-lock braking system (ABS) all work hand in hand to ensure your car’s safety. This collaboration explains why a fault in any will affect the functionality of the others. The Stabilitrak leverages the ABS to control the vehicle in dangerous situations.

It is alright for the Traction Control light to come on and off intermittently. This off/on happens when you start your car engine and when it provides support in slippery conditions.

However, it isn’t good if the lights stay on for too long, especially in good driving conditions. The consistent appearance of this light means your traction control is faulty.

Stabilitrak Service Cost

Repairing a faulty Stabilitrak will cost about $80 to $190, covering both spare parts and labor costs. In severe cases, the Stabilitrak might not be responsive to repairs and will require a change of sensors. The replacement can ramp up the price to about $200 to $400. 

Before attempting to replace the sensors of your Stabilitrak, you must do other checks in the vehicle to ensure no other factors are causing the Service Stabilitrak light to persist. It can be annoying to spend that much on sensor replacement only to discover that the sensors were not the problem.

Stabilitrak Light On And Car Shaking

If you notice the Stabilitrak light on with your car shaking concurrently, it can be due to several factors. These factors include the following:

Stabilitrak Repair Cost, Why Your Car Shakes: #1. Faulty Wheel Speed Sensors

When your wheel speed sensors are faulty, it sends the wrong signals to the Stabilitrak. These signals can cause your car to shake while driving because your Stabilitrak is interpreting and responding to the wrong message.

Stabilitrak Repair Cost, Why Your Car Shakes: #2. Worn Out Tires

Worn-out tires spin faster than good tires. If a tire is worn out in a vehicle with ABS, it sends the wrong signals through the wheels to the Stabilitrak. These false signals can cause your car to shake.

Stabilitrak Repair Cost, Why Your Car Shakes: #3. Wrong Tire Sizes

Driving with unmatched tires will trigger your service Stabilitrak indicator and shake your car.

Stabilitrak Repair Cost: Stabilitrak And ABS Light On

Stabilitrak works with the anti-lock braking system to properly function your car. When the Stabilitrak senses a slip or loss of control, it applies the anti-lock brakes on the affected wheel, diverting power to other wheels. This effect shows how important the ABS is to Stabilitrak’s performance.

When the ABS light comes on, it signifies a fault in the anti-lock brakes. Of course, you can predict that the Stabilitrak will not be too effective in such a condition. It needs a functional ABS to control the car’s direction.

The Service Stabilitrak light will also appear when the ABS light comes on, signaling that the car is not safe and needs attention. At this light, your vehicle needs a car doctor.

FAQs On Stabilitrak Repair Cost

What Is Stabilitrak

Stabilitrak is a safety feature found in GM cars. It is GM Motor’s unique Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system. It monitors the wheels’ grip on the road and intervenes when it notices unusual movement. The Stabilitrak connects with the anti-lock braking system to collect steering control from the driver to avert danger.

What Does Service Stabilitrak Mean

The Service Stabilitrak Indicator appearing on your dashboard means that the Stabilitrak system is defective. It can also show a problem in the connecting systems like the Traction Control and the ABS. This Indicator flashes on engine ignition and should not be a cause for worry if it goes off immediately.

Why Is My Traction Control Light On

Your traction control light could be on because of a problem with your traction control system. The fault can be from several other factors, which include faulty wheel Speed Sensors, wrong Tire Sizes, worn-out tires, and a flawed Anti-lock braking system. Your traction control system can also come on when your car is working to overcome a slippery surface.

How To Reset Traction Control Light

If your traction control light refuses to go off for a prolonged time, consult your mechanic. Your car will need to be inspected to know why the light is on.

How To Reset Service Stabilitrak Light

To reset your Service Stabilitrak light, ensure you didn’t turn it on yourself. If you did not, turn the handwheel clockwise, this should put out the system. If the turn doesn’t work, switch off your car engine and wait 15 secs. The switch off should reset the indicator if the Stabilitrak is in good condition. If this doesn’t reset, consult a mechanic.

What Does Service Traction Control Mean

Service Traction Control means that your traction control system is not functioning correctly. You should have your vehicle inspected to fix this problem.

How To Fix Stabilitrak

To fix a faulty Stabilitrak, consult your mechanic. Never attempt to do it yourself ever. You will damage something more severe.

How To Turn Off Stabilitrak

Turning off the Stabilitrak is easy. All you need do is locate the button and hold it for a few seconds. The hold will turn it off.

How To Fix Traction Control System

First, you must purchase a replacement module to fix your traction control system. After purchase, follow these steps to fix it. Disconnect the battery, locate the traction control module, check your car manual for the location, disconnect the traction control module, fix the new module, and start your car. We recommend visiting the dealership to get your traction control system fixed by a professional if you do not have good technical knowledge of how to do it.

Can Bad Alignment Cause Traction Control Light To Come On

Bad alignment can trigger your traction control Light to come on. A significant reason for worn-out tires is bad wheel alignment.

How To Turn Off Traction Control Light

It is recommended that you keep the traction control system on. If you notice that the light stays on even in good condition, you can do any of the following. Switch off the car. Turn off the traction control system. Check to ensure your tires are the exact sizes and not worn out. Inspect your wheel alignment. Consult a mechanic if it persists. Different cars have their traction control button located in other places. Consult your car manual to find yours.

Should I Turn Off Traction Control In Ice

Your tires can skid off track on the ice surface. You should keep your traction control on when driving in such conditions. The traction control feature in your vehicle helps your tire get a better grip on slippery surfaces like ice.

Where Is The VSC Button Located

The VSC button is close to the steering wheel or the gear lever depending on the car. If you have difficulty locating your VSC button, consult your car manual.

How To Reset OnStar Module

Press the blue OnStar key to delete OnStar information. To transfer new info to your OnStar, consult a mechanic.

What Causes Traction Control Light To Come On

The traction control light will flash when you ignite your car’s engine. However, If the light persists while driving, it might be due to some conditions such as bad weather, worn-out tires, different tire sizes, poor wheel alignment, faulty wheel sensors, faulty Traction Control system.

Does Stabilitrak Affect Transmission

The Stabilitrak affects transmission when it is operational. It forcefully controls the wheels to stabilize the car. This force can lead to wear in vehicle transmissions over time.

How To Service Stabilitrak

We recommend you take your car to the dealership or a mechanic to have your Stabilitrak inspected and fixed when you notice a fault.

When To Use Traction Control

We recommend that you keep your traction control on at all times. However, it must be on when driving in bad weather. The road may become slippery during rainfall, and your tires might skip or skid off track.

How To Reset Service Brake System Light Silverado

The Service Brake System Light Silverado comes on when you press on at least one of your car brake pads. To reset it, follow these steps, Turn the ignition key from OFF to ON 8 times within 10 seconds to activate ECM/PCM from sleep mode. Leave the key ON as you press and hold the brake pedal for a brief moment. Write the factory Mode S code from the instrument panel odometer with space and asterisk. Turn OFF the ignition key and then turn it ON after some minutes.

Does Traction Control Slow You Down

When on, the traction control slows down your car tire spins and reduces the effect of acceleration. It does this to prevent the tires from slipping in poor weather.

Conclusion On Stabilitrak Repair Cost

Stabilitrak Repair Cost

The Stabilitrak system is an important safety feature included in GM vehicles. It helps to prevent accidents by monitoring tire response to steering signals. Once the Stabilitrak senses a loss of control, it steps in to help the driver keep the car on track restoring control to the driver when danger is averted.

Driving with a faulty Stabilitrak isn’t an emergency. But we don’t encourage you to leave your Stabilitrak unfixed. This article has been put together to help answer your question about Stabilitrak repair cost.

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