Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side – How To Fix It?

Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side – How To Fix It?

There are several reasons which could result in the power window not working on the passenger side or the driver’s side. These could be anywhere from a faulty switch, damaged wires, a damaged fuse, or even a faulty power window motor.

If your power window is stuck you will find out exactly what to do about it in this post…

Power Window Repair

power window

It can be a pain to deal with damaged power windows especially when the weather is extreme such as during those cold times and hot summer days.

Let’s find out the steps that you need to take to be able to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem and get the power windows working again.

Assume you were driving on a highway enjoying the scenery, the quiet, and the drive only to try and turn down the windows but they fail.

The great thing is that the power windows don’t often have an issue and are among the more durable components and parts of your vehicle. Diagnosis and repairing the power windows of often not a huge deal.

Cause Of Power Windows Not Working

First off, let’s consider the mechanism of the power window. First off it mainly comprises a regulator.

There are two main types of power window regulators. These are the gear-drive type and the cable drive type.

After removing the door panels, you can pretty much fix the regulator and the power windows yourself. You may not even need to move any trims.

1. The Fuse

The first thing that you need to check is to see if the car windows are moving. If you notice that the windows aren’t moving you will need to check the fuse.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the power windows and the regulator use a high amount of current which means that the fuse is the most likely part that is going to fail.

Wear and tear could also make the fuse susceptible to damage and failure. What you want to do is put the key in the ignition and turn it on without starting the engine.

Now try and use the window buttons. If nothing is happening then there is a high chance that the fuse is blown. You will not even hear the power windows rolling up or down.

On the other hand, if you notice that the motor is making a sound or if the window is moving slightly then this shows that the fuse is working and the problems could be coming from somewhere else.

Back to the fuse. You will need to check your car’s owner’s manual to find the fuse that is responsible for powering the car windows. It is never a good idea to check all fuses together by removing them one at a time. This could end up causing disruptions to the car’s computer which could result in other durability and performance issues.

2. The Wiring

Now let’s assume the fuse is fine, but still, you find the power window not working on the passenger side. Start of course by checking if all the windows are dormant or if it is just one window that is dormant.

If the issue is just one window then you may need to get inside the door and troubleshoot the problem in this way.

On the other hand, if it’s all four windows that are dormant then the problem could also be with the wiring away from the doors and you might just want to check under the dashboard.

You can start by identifying the wiring that starts from the fuel and then following this wire to the switch. From this point, you also want to follow the wire to the motor and ensure that you are testing that the wire is receiving 12v along the way.

You will come across a connector that is either loose or corroded which will interrupt the voltage reaching the motor. You may also find that it is the switch that has the issue.

Suppose the door switch at the driver’s side still isn’t opening the right rear door yet the switch that is in the rear right door is opening the door then check if there is a bad switch or even a probable one with the wiring.

You will need to back to the window switch carefully to be able to find and isolate any issues with the electoral system, the connectors, or even the wiring.

3. Fixing The Issue

Now you will require to access the switch panel. This should not be too hard as all you need to do is pry up the panel using your fingers and then back-probe the connectors.

That said, some car models will need you to take out the panel. After removing the door panel you will then need to take out the weather sheeting. Note that this sheeting will need to be replaced later on which then means you will require fresh contact cement.

Now that you’ve opened up the power window system and can now access the power window motor, you must take great care. There is enough power in that motor to cause serious harm if the fingers are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

To be able to diagnose the problem and prove that it is an electrical issue take a jumper cable and connect it to the battery’s power terminal and the other end of the motor. If it comes alive then you have your proof.

Take note that there are some window regulators which require a constant 12 volts. Keep in mind also that the majority of vehicles can lock as well as deactivate the rear windows.

Often you will find that the issue is a faulty motor. This will require replacement. That said, you have the option of tracing the wires back to the problem.

Keep in mind also that the regulators especially those with gear-type configurations could be severely misaligned due to fasteners have become loose.

4. Torn Gasket

Then there are the gaskets. Windows will feature gaskets as well as seals. Their role is to keep out the wind, dirt, and debris as well as the rain.

Once you’ve noticed that there is a slow spot where if reached the car window doesn’t open or isn’t choosing properly you must check the gasket.

This is because if the gasket is torn or misplaced, then this will prevent the window from operating properly. The great thing is that fixing a loose or even torn gasket isn’t all that difficult. If you notice that the gasket is loose, simply use a weather-strip adhesive which you can easily get from an auto store.

You will need to remove the old adhesive using lacquer thinner. Now you can apply the new device and put the new gasket in the right place. Close the window and let the adhesive dry overnight. Make sure though that you don’t glue the window to the gasket.

If you find that the gasket is torn, something as simple as applying superglue may be all that is needed.

5. Inner Door Issue

That said there is also a chance that the problem could be coming from under the door. If you suspect this, take out the door panel and then check inside the door. To make sure that you don’t hurt your fingers, remove the fuse.

You may need to stick the glass up as you diagnose the problem. For this, you may find that a rubber wedge doorstep or even a bit of duct tape is all you need to help anchor up the door window.

Other times you may find that the problem is being caused by a loose bolt. These’ll let the inner structure of the door move which will cause a misalignment of the window track.

If however the vehicle was involved in a car crash, then all bets are off. You will need to take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic to ensure that it is working again.

6. Other Factors

Another cause could be an issue with the inner mechanical components that are responsible for forming the window down or up. This could be the scissor lift, gear, and sector, as well as cable-operated mechanism.

Always remember to ensure that your fingers are kept out of harm’s way. Other times a loose rivet or fastener could cause the problem. Whichever the reason you may require to get a new motor or even change the whole mechanism.

Power Window Switch

Power Window Not Working

The power switch allows you to open as well as close the car windows. The power switch comprises a master panel that is near the driver’s door as well as other switches in all doors of the vehicle.

Just as with other components of a car, the power switch can also depreciate with time. Its various components such as the regulator, the motor, and even the fuse are prone to wear and tear.

So how can you tell that your power switch is about to go bad or has already started failing?

This is how!

Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side #1 – The Windows Aren’t Working

If you notice that whether you press the window button it opens or closes the windows that nothing is happening then this is a useful sign that there is a problem with the electrical system. A faulty or bad relay or even a blown fuse often causes this issue.

There could also be an issue with the master switch on the driver’s side.

Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side #2 – One Window Isn’t Working

If you notice that just one window has the problem and is not opening, then this could show that there is a problem with the electrical system, the power switch, the fuse being blown, or something to do with the motor or regulator.

The power switch is often the main culprit behind one power window not working on the passenger side. Take your vehicle to a professional mechanic to get the proper diagnosis and troubleshooting.

After the mechanics have changed the switch and replaced it with a new one, they will check to see if all other power windows are working.

Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side #3 – Only The Master Power Switch Is Working

You may notice that the power switch in the individual doors and windows is working but you can only turn open and close the windows from the master switch.

This is a good sign that the power window switch has the problem yet all the other components are still working normally.

Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side #4 – Windows Work Sometimes

The power window not working on the passenger side sometimes but not all the time may be caused by a faulty power switch.

You may notice ether the window closes but doesn’t open. You could also notice that sometimes the window opens but refuses to close.

This is a sign that the power switch is starting to go bad but has died completely. At this point, you can still replace the power switch before you find that the window is now stuck.

At this point, you may want the vehicle to get serviced quickly. If you are in an emergency it is important to be able to open the windows as well as close them first.

Window Won’t Stay Up

Window wont stay up

Having your car window fail to stay up, especially when driving fast can be one of the most annoying things about the vehicle. If you find that the car isn’t fastening you know that you can leave it where it is as long as you lock everything including the windows.

This may not be possible if the power window not working on the passenger side can’t stay up. Leaving the vehicle with the windows down could end up causing you to lose certain parts of your car such as the stereo. Worst case scenario the entire vehicle could get stolen.

These are good enough reasons why you want to fix the problem. The great thing is that such temporary issues come with an easy fix.

It doesn’t matter if your car comes with electric windows or even if it the window will on roll up with a crank. We take a look at how you can ensure that your car windows roll up and stay up.

One thing you need to note is that holding up the car window and having the problem fixed are two different things.

If your car comes with power windows, it can be expensive to fix the problem permanently. You will find it useful to just secure the windows up until you can get the cash you need for a more permanent fix.

There is a similar issue when your car features a mechanical system. This is because the parts required for replacement could be difficult to come out of. You will also find it beneficial if you could hold up the windows until you can find and order and receive the parts.

We will start with a super simple way of keeping the car windows up.

Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side, Fixes #1 – Using A Wedge

You may find it useful to stick a screwdriver in the indoor of the car window. Sure this could pose a risk to the car window itself and cause it to chip or break but it’s a sure way to ensure that the window stays up when you are locking the door.

And a screwdriver isn’t the only thing that you can use. You can also use a wooden wedge or any other tool which will fit the job. All you need is to pull up the window, hold it up, and then use a tool or wedge between the window and the door frame.

Sure you may notice that the window rattles whenever you are driving off-road but at least you didn’t have to worry about the window falling back down.

Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side, Fixes #2 – Using Duct Tape

As long as the surface area is enough, duct tape will hold up the window. One thing though that you need to take note of is that the duct tape adhesive could melt under extremely hot summer days or could prove difficult to remove later on.

If you must use duct tape ensure to fix it at the top and not at the bottom of the door frame. Don’t expect the duct tape to hold forever though. But at least it will hold for long enough until you can get a solution.

Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side, Fixes #3 – Locking The Window Mechanism

The window also features a locking mechanism. This one stops the window from falling back down as long as it is in the upward position.

However, note that this is something that would only work with manual windows. This is because the mechanism is simple compared to power windows.

Remember that this is only a temporary fix to ensure that the window remains up and doesn’t roll down. The best fix is to repair the entire problem. We will take a look at more on this later.

Depending on how old the vehicle is, it can prove difficult to take down the door panel. Older car models have a much more simple system while new ones are more complex.

Once you can access the mechanism, you can use a wooden dowel to wedge between the bottom of the door and the bottom of the mechanism.

The window will remain up permanently but at least you now have time to get the money you need to fix the problem.

Cost To Repair Window Regulator

While this may come as a surprise, the car window isn’t just for letting in a breeze or for making an order to the driver through.

Windows also play their part as a safety component. You can use them as an emergency exit in instances such as when the door sticks. It is the role of the window regulator to allow the window to move both up and down without any bonding.

Luckily the window regulator is a durable component and often will last the entire life of the car that said, they are not immune to unexpected failures. This could often occur when the vehicle cross often the 100,000-mile mark. At this point, you need to propel the entire window regulator.

So how much can you expect to pay for a brand new window regulator? Well on average the cost of a brand new window regulator is anywhere between $300 and $450. Depending on the car model, you could also find that the price goes above this.

If you have a habit of always raising and dropping your car window, the regulator will likely give out much faster.

So, how can you tell that your window regulator is failing?

Well, you can do this with the help of a few signs and symptoms.

  • The window refuses to roll up when you press the power switch.
  • The window rolls up while creaking and groaning.
  • The window refuses to stay up when rolled and slowly starts to creep down when driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Spark Plugs Break Windows

The reason why spark plugs will break windows is that the spark plugs are built from an aluminum oxide ceramic. This causes them to give off a huge surge of energy in just one section of the window. Throwing a sparkplug directly at a window will likely cause the window to break.

How Do You Pull Up A Stuck Power Window

You will need to start by pressing and then holding the window switch in a closed position. Keep the button pressed down while simultaneously pushing the slide which closes the window. Now open and then slam the car door. You may need to try this a couple of times until eventually, the window opens.

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