Plasti Dip Wheels – Everything You Need To Know

Plasti Dip Wheels – Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking for a way to plasti dip wheels? If that is the case and you are trying to find a way to plasti dip the wheels of your car, then you are at the right place because there will be a lot to cover on this topic.

Being in this situation is not easy since there are a lot of questions that go through your mind and you keep asking yourself if is this doable at home as a DIY project or not. But you shouldn’t worry, everything is doable if you have the desire to learn and try different things.

At least with plasti dip, there isn’t much that you could mess up. Plasti dip is easily removable and we also going to cover that in this article where we will learn how to remove plasti dip. But what is important for you is to nail this work from the first try. And with a little bit of effort and learning, this will be an extremely easy thing to do. And we are going to help you out.

First, we will learn what is plasti dip and the plasti tip colors. Then we will learn the pros and cons of using plasti dip for your wheels and after this, we will look to make a tutorial on how to plasti dip wheels. After this, we will cover the removal process since you might want to remove the plasti dip if you don’t really like it. So, if you want to learn more, follow along.

What Is Plasti Dip?

Now before we cover the colors and the ways of how to plasti dip wheels. Let’s cover some of the basics. And that is what is plasti dip in general. I bet there are a ton of people out there that are just starting when it comes to working on cars and want to learn some of the basics. If you feel like you are up to the task, you can jump to one of the following chapters. If not, keep up with us for a bit.

Plasti dip in general is a solution that is used to spray on different surfaces. As its name implies, this solution is liquid rubber.

It’s like you are dipping your wheel in liquid plastic and then the solution dries out and a good coat of this material is left on the surface.

But there are better methods of applying plasti dip nowadays. In fact, you can achieve an incredible finish, almost the same as regular paint, and make your car look spectacular.

If you decide to plasti dip wheels, for example, you can change their color in only a few hours in your garage.

Then when you get tired of these looks, you can just peel the plasti dip off the wheels and you will return to the stock color.

Then you can try a different color. As you see, plasti dip is an extremely versatile product that allows you to change the color of your wheels or tires as often as you want to. And also, the chances that you will damage something are minimal. Plasti dip is so beginner-friendly that even a kid could use it. But what about the plasti dip wheels colors? Well, that’s what we are going to cover next.

Plasti Dip Wheels Colors

So what are the plasti dip wheels colors that are available out there? Well, the short answer is that is a ton of them. The choice of numbers is really great and you can go from something subtle to something that stands out and attracts all of the attention.

The standard colors are red, yellow, black, white, gunmetal gray, and blue. These are the basic colors that you can get in case you want to paint black plasti dip wheels for example. These base colors are perfect for wheels, there are matte, satin, and glossy finishes. Especially the gunmetal gray if you want something more metallic-looking.

But if you want to get something that really stands out, you can do so. And frankly, there are a ton of colors that you could choose from. These are the colors from the Blaze collection that stand out.

Plasti Dip Wheels

These colors contain fluorescent pigments that make your car pop even in the dark. But the downside of these types of colors is that they tend to fade a lot sooner than other colors that do not pop.

There are also some classic muscle colors. These colors are all about the classic muscle car era. Starting from the Hemi Orange and up to the Tropical Turquoise. Other colors include Grabber Green, Go Mango, Plum Crazy, Daytona Yellow, and a lot more. These are the colors that you would want if you own a classic motor and want to plasti dip wheels.

All these colors come in aerosol cans depending much on your preference. You can get one and you can also how many cans you need to complete the process plasti dip wheels. But how this plasti dip is applied on the surface? Let’s elaborate more on that in the following chapter in-depth.

How It Is Applied?

Now as we covered the basics of plasti dip wheels and learned more about the colors. Let’s now take a look at how this product is applied to the car.

As you probably know, whenever you paint something, you need to prepare the surface. And by this, we mean that you need to clean the wheels from all of the brake dust.

This is essential because if you paint over the brake dust, the plasti dip wheels will start to peel off after a few weeks. And you don’t want that.

Make sure that you use a special solution that is designed to clean brake dust. This solution once sprayed will make the wheels bleed red color and all of the contaminants will fall off.

Once cleaned you can apply one light coat at first and wait for about 30 minutes to dry out. Then you can apply a thicker coat and keep applying the plasti dip until you get the desired effect on your car. Later on, in the article, we will go in-depth about this process. But for now, this is everything you need to know when it comes to plasti dip wheels and applying this solution.

How Long Does Plasti Dip Last?

So, how long plasti dip will last if you decide to plasti dip wheels? Well, that depends much on the type of color that you will choose. As we mentioned previously, more reflective paints will fade much sooner.

But if you go for something like a gunmetal gray color, you can expect that this layer of plasti dip finish will maintain its color for longer. But long is that?

Well, on average, the plasti dip usually lasts for about 3 years. Meaning that this is the time that will be needed for the plasti dip to start to peel off and basically decompose.

This is the case because this plasti dip is rubber coating. And rubber is not as durable as regular paint is. Meaning that it could not have a long life as regular paint has.

In addition to this, if you want to change the color of your car and you want this to last 5+ years. Maybe your best option would be to go for a wrap.

Wraps usually last much longer. Especially if you garage the vehicle and keep it out of the elements.

And I think that as a long-term investment, wrapping the car is much better. But it is also a lot more expensive than painting it with plasti dip. But how durable are the plasti dip wheels? As you know, wheels are not the same as regular paint. And things could get messy. In the following chapter, we are going to cover precisely that.

Is Plasti Dip Durable On Wheels?

Now as we learned about the longevity of the plasti dip. Let’s focus more on the longevity of black plasti dip wheels. How much this material will last on your wheels?

The answer to this question really depends much on the use and abuse you put on your car. As we noted, paint and wheels are completely different things.

The plasti dip on wheels will be much more pronounced than the same product when it is applied to regular paint.

At first, there is a big chance that you will curb your wheels if you are not careful. In this case, not only that you will damage the plasti dip. But you will also damage the coating of the rim as well.

Plasti Dip Wheels

In addition to this, there is a ton of brake dust that will stick to the wheel. And as you can probably assume. Removing this brake dust without a proper solution is almost impossible.

And even if you use different solutions and scrub it off from the wheel. You could damage the plasti dip layer that you have applied.

So, the longevity of the black plasti dip wheels will be far smaller than when you apply plasti dip on regular paint.

Not to mention the great amount of heat that is created from the brake calipers. This heat will basically melt this plasti dip. So, you really need to be aware of these things before you want to plasti dip wheels. But there are also other aspects. And that’s what we are going to discuss next.

Pros And Cons Of Using Plasti Dip For Your Wheels?

Now as we cleared the basics of using plasti dip and the colors that are available and also the longevity of this product. Let’s now focus on other things.

Namely, the pros and cons of using this product on your car. As you know, everything has its pros and cons. And it is often useful for you to know them before you start thinking about plasti dip wheels. So, let’s begin covering them.


Now let’s discuss the pros of applying plasti dip. What are the pros of plasti dip wheels? Well, there are a few of them.

The first and most obvious positive side of plasti dip is that this solution offers you the perfect way of changing the color of anything you like. It doesn’t matter if it’s the paint, wheels, or plastic panels. Everything can be plasti dipped and no damage to the component is to be done in the process.

The second positive thing is that the plasti dip comes in a lot of different colors that you can choose from and as well as a ton of different application ways. You can get rattle cans or you can buy a whole jug of this solution and then apply it with a spray gun. And the second way will work the best if you want to plasti dip your whole car.

The third positive is that plasti dip is a really cheap and affordable solution in comparison to paint or wrap. You can get some of these spray cans for only a few bucks from your local hardware store. And frankly, you cannot beat that. Perfect to plasti dip wheels.

And lastly, is the level of expertise needed to paint a panel with plasti dip. It requires none of it. Anyone can use it. And if you fail at some point, you can just peel it off easily. But there are also cons of plasti dip wheels. And what are these cons? Let’s elaborate on them in the following chapter.


Now as we covered the pros of having black plasti dip wheels, let’s now focus more on the cons that are out there. As you can probably assume, there is not all sunshine and roses when it comes to this type of product. So, what are the negatives of this type of solution?

Well, there are a few of them. First, there is a problem with the ability of this plasti dip to withstand an impact. This means that it is relatively soft and can be easily scratched or chipped. Resulting in a ton of resprays and repairs of chipped parts.

This will be especially notable on components like the wheels. If you curb your wheels often, you cannot expect this plasti dip to protect them. It will instantly peel off from the rim.

In addition to this is the longevity of this product. As you probably know, the rotors are extremely close to the wheel. So, these rotors get really hot under hard braking and they heat up the wheels. Once heated up, this solution will melt and basically chip away.

So, the longevity of the plasti dip on the wheels is not significantly long like on other panels on your car. If you spray it on the paint, it would last up to 3 years. But on the plasti dip wheels will only going to last for a few months and up to a year tops.

Also, the brake dust that accumulates on the plasti dip will make any type of cleaning impossible without scratching the plasti dip. So, beware of this as well when thinking of having black plasti dip wheels.

How To Paint Black Plasti Dip Wheels DIY?

Now let’s get into the art of plasti dip wheels. How you can plasti dip your wheels at home using common tools and basic knowledge? Well, it is really easy to do it and in this chapter, we are going to explain the process.

The first thing you will need to do is to remove the wheel from the car. This is essential if you want to get an even coating on all of the tight angles.

Then the second step will involve washing and drying out the wheel. You need to wash all of the brake dust from the wheel. And for this, you will need a special solution that will dissolve the brake dust from the rim. You can also use soap and water but this will take longer to do the process. After you are done and the wheel is clean, leave it to dry out and repeat the whole process with the rest of the wheels.

Once the wheels are cleaned and dry. You can move on to masking the tire. You just don’t want overspray on your tire, it will be a pain to remove.

Once everything is nice and isolated, you can move on to spraying the plasti dip wheels. The first coat should be a really light coat. After passing one coat, leave the plasti dip to dry.

Then after half an hour, apply another coat of plasti dip. Then give it another half an hour to dry and keep repeating this process until you are satisfied with the result. But overall, two coats should be enough for this purpose. Then after finished, leave the rims to dry overnight. That’s the whole process of plasti dip wheels. But how much it will cost you? Let’s learn that next.

Cost To Paint Black Plasti Dip Wheels

So, what is the cost of plasti dip wheels? Especially black plasti dip wheels? Well, it is not expensive as you think.

Plasti dip is really affordable. And for this job, you will not need more than 4 spray cans. The average cost for 1 can of black color plasti dip is about $20. So, for 4 cans it will cost you about $80 to plasti dip all 4 of your wheels.

Considering the price, this is one of the cheapest mods that could be done on a car. So, if you want to make your car look cool, I think that doing this mod is a real no-brainer decision. Everybody loves that blacked-out wheels that look spectacular. But how you can remove black plasti dip wheels? Let’s see up next.

How To Remove Plasti Dip From Wheels?

Now as e covered how you can get those plasti dip wheels, let’s now take a look at how to remove plasti dip. I bet that you will get bored of this look at some point and you will want to remove the plasti dip from the wheels. How you can do this?

Well, if you thought that applying this plasti dip on your car is easy. Let me tell you that removing the plasti dip can be a real struggle.

But there are some tricks that you can pull off to remove the plasti dip from the wheel. And let’s cover them in detail.

The first thing that you can do is to manually peel off the plasti dip. This process will take you a very long time and it could also be labor-intensive.

The second thing that you can try is to use hot air to heat up the plasti dip. You can use a blow dryer or something similar to heat up the plasti dip and then peel it off.

The third method is to use a special solution for removing rubber-like Goo Gone, or kerosene if you have it around. This will quickly dissolve the plasti dip.

Facts about Plasti Dip and Dipping Your Wheels:

  1. Plasti Dip is a chemical formula that looks great and is 100% temporary, and is used to coat wheels.
  2. Plasti Dip has been around since the early 70s, originally used to add a non-stick coating to tools.
  3. Almost every car manufacturer offers black rims or a “murdered-out” package, which can be achieved with Plasti Dip.
  4. Plasti Dip now comes in all colors of the rainbow, and a coat of gloss can be added for extra shine.
  5. The process for dipping your wheels involves cleaning the wheels, protecting your car’s sensitive parts, and spraying the Plasti Dip on in multiple coats.
  6. It is recommended to rotate the wheel after the first few coats and get the undersides and wait about 20 minutes between each coat.
  7. Plasti Dip is not the only company out there with a product, Dupli-Color, Rustoleum, and AutoFlex also have similar products.
  8. Plasti Dip is designed to be removed and recoated once a year or so, but it can be left on for a few years.
  9. The coating works on almost everything, not just wheels, including mirror housings and roof panels.
  10. When new tires are installed, the machine can rip up the edges of the Plasti Dip, but it is an inexpensive way to change the look of your ride.


In this article, we have covered quite a bit when it comes to plasti dip wheels. We learned what plasti dip is and some of the most common questions concerning this product.

Then we have covered the plasti dip pros and cons and also how you can plasti dip wheels at home using only a spray can. We also discussed the cost of which this work is possible.


Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

What Is Plasti Dip

Plasti dip is a liquid rubber product that is applied on surfaces in order to change their exterior look. Plasti dip comes in a ton of different colors to choose from and it really affordable way to change the look of your car on a budget.

How Long Does Plasti Dip Last

On average, plasti dip lasts about 3 years. But only if you maintain it properly and also park the car in garage where will be safe from the elements. If you leave your car all day to bake in the sun, then this material would not last more than a year.

How Long Does Plasti Dip Last On Wheels

On wheels, plasti dip lasts for a year or so. Depending on how you maintain your wheels as well as the conditions in which you are driving on a daily basis. If you drive through gravel, you could easily damage the plasti dip.

How To Plasti Dip Rims

First thing first, you need to remove the wheels from the car and cover the tire with paper, you don’t want to overspray. Then spray one light coat of plasti dip and leave it to dry. Then apply more coats until you get the wanted result.

How To Remove Plasti Dip

Removing plasti dip is possible by using a heat gun to soften up the material and peel it off. You can also use kerosene, goo remover, and other similar products.

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