More Power, More Poise: BMW Launches M4 Competition Pack

More Power, More Poise: BMW Launches M4 Competition Pack

For those fluent in the BMW lingo, the Competition Package means more power, sharper handling and feistier looks. Applied to a host of M-Division cars over the last few years, the M4 is the latest super-coupe to be given the upgrade.

So What Makes This M4 Package So Important?

Well, for a start BMW estimates that 70% of buyers will tick the option, meaning that for most M3 and M4 owners (it’s available on both), the package will become one and the same with the actual car. Plus, whilst the merits of the standard models are not in doubt, each have been criticised for their snappish and unpredictable handling at the limit. Not the sort of things that go down well in Bavaria.

What Are The Changes Then?

It’s more like what haven’t they changed? The base chassis has been entirely reworked; in comes all-new springs, dampers and anti-roll bars, whilst the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) and active rear differential have also been extensively fettled.

Making use of the improved traction is an extra 14bhp, helping to cut a tenth off the 0-60mph time (now down to a supercar-slaying 3.8 seconds). And if that wasn’t enough, new 20-inch wheels optimised for weight and rigidity, have become standard fare along with the lightweight M-Sport seats that now adorn the cabin.

For those that still can’t see or hear the difference, a more angled body kit and M sports exhaust system help to distinguish the car from the standard model.

That’s Rather A Lot Of Changes…

Indeed. So much so that it almost comes across as an admission from BMW that the standard car was never quite as good as it should have been. A big claim, but the history of the Competition Package backs it up.

In 2019 it was offered on the E92 M3, and instead of being given a major suspension overhaul, the ride height was simply lowered and the DSC reprogrammed. Fast forward to 2020 and the current M5 was also given the Competition Package treatment. Once again, this merely consisted of firmed up damping and a couple of software upgrades for the differential. See a pattern emerging?


Whilst suggestions that BMW launched an unfinished car are likely wide of the mark, this latest Competition Package will surely put a question mark over the set-up of the early M4s.

Even So, I Want One…

We don’t blame you. With the £3000 Competition Package, an otherwise base-spec M4 will set you back a little over £60,000. A comparatively small price to pay for the complete article.

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