Lost Title To Motorcycle – How Do You Get A New One?

Lost Title To Motorcycle – How Do You Get A New One?

Very few things compare to riding a motorcycle. Very often it is much cheaper to own and maintain a motorcycle when compared with other types of vehicles. But what happens when you’ve lost title to motorcycle?

If by some chance you have lost the title, then this could put you in a tricky situation.

So what does a motorcycle owner need to do if the title is lost? If firstly this is a motorcycle that you recently bought, then you will need to reach out to the local DMV and fill in the documents which you will receive for a lost title.

You will often need to bring the bill of sale from where the seller of the motorcycle made the purchase often is a requirement.

Having provided the required documentation and information, the DMV is then able to do a VIN inspection to find out whether or not they are dealing with a stolen motorcycle.

File For Lost Title

Title For Motorcycle

A car’s title shows proof of ownership which is the same as having a property deed. You will need a title to sell your vehicle or motorcycle or even when registering it. You also want to avoid buying a motorcycle not unless the owner of the motorcycle can deliver the title to you and signs that they will transfer ownership.

That said, just as with most things, it is possible to lose the motorcycle title. It could find its way into the trash bin or even lost title to motorcycle without you even realizing it. A burglar may even break in and steal it as they get away with other important documents in your house.

The good thing is that you can still get a duplicate title when this happens. Of course, you will need to pay a fee.

For this to happen you will need to file an application that the lien holder will need to sign or all of the registered owners according to the rules of the state you are in.

Lost Title To Motorcycle – How You Can File For A Lost Title

If you lose your motorcycle or even vehicle title, one thing you should keep in mind is that you should treat the matter as though you are dealing with a lost person.

You will not file the notice with the authorities but you will instead be required to file a duplicate title application.

The DMV or Department Of Motor Vehicles will usually handle such matters. You will need to visit their offices in your state and location and request forms for state rules.

Each state will need that you provide the motorcycle or vehicle license plate as well as the VIN number.

In the case of a lien holder, it is he or she who will be required to file the duplicate application. If not then it is all combined owners of the vehicle or motorcycle who will need to sign.

Lost Title To Motorcycle – Online Vehicle Registration Services

While every state will have different methods, all of the states will require that you make a payment to get the duplicate title. You will then receive the new title after a week or so.

You will not however need to always find a local DMV office. In certain states such as Wisconsin, you can apply for the duplicate title online while also making an online payment. The great thing is that this is a fairly simple process and replacing your motorcycle’s title or the title of your car can be done in a few simple steps.

You can find the procedure quite similar from one state to another. For instance, in many states including California and Michigan, you will need to first fill out the application, add in the details of the vehicle or motorcycle as well as your contact information, and then make the payment.

Since the application forms as well as the fee amounts may be slightly different, the general process is pretty much the same.

Bill Of Sale For Motorcycle

Bill Of Sale For Motorcycle

If you have decided that you want to sell your motorcycle, be it because you want cash, you are downsizing or you are planning on getting new bike, you will want to ensure that the transaction goes on smoothly and as expected.

One way to ensure that this is the case is to ensure that you fully understand what should be included in the motorcycle bill of sale.

What Is The Motorcycle Bill Of Sale

It is a receipt that is normally a page long which the seller will provide to the buyer of the motorcycle. This bill of sale will contain the motorcycle details which will help to prevent any fraud that could potentially happen during the sale.

The bill of sale is a legal document that will show the change of motorcycle ownership from the current owner to the new buyer. This will be for the price that they have both agreed on while considering the make of the model as well as the current reading on the odometer.

Since the bill of sale is a legal document, there will be plenty of attention to detail whenever parties are drafting the bill of sale. It is the seller who will usually draft the bill of sale but the document is meant to offer protection to both parties in case there is a disagreement in the terms of sale.

There are extra steps that may be needed in the bill of sale which may depend on the location of the buyer and seller as well as the type of motorcycle or item.

Check All The Details

It is therefore always a good idea to check all the details of the bill of sale in your state. There are some states such as West Virginia and Montana which will require the draft of the motorcycle bill of sale to have witnesses as well as be motorized.

Many other states will not need the presence of an official. That said, it is possible to will get a bill of sale notarized if it means you are more comfortable with the sale.

One thing that we should probably note is that you don’t always need to type the bill of sale. It can even be written on regular paper or even a napkin as long as all the important information is contained in the writing. This will make it legally binding.

That said, it is much easier to store a typed copy as it will last longer and better than a handwritten copy.

What If The Motorcycle Comes With A Lien

Note that if the bike that you are planning on selling has a lien or you still haven’t paid all of the money, you must ensure that that information is included in the guarantee clause.

Here you will need to list the lien amount, the conditions of the lien, as well as how you will receive the payoff.

Considering that the seller which in this case is you, yet you don’t have the title, you must arrange for the closing to take place at the financial institution that is handling the funds and where you will pay the remainder of the loan.

Granted there are several other means that you can be exchanging the money, but these aren’t as safe and are not as guaranteed compared to if you are dealing with the institution that has the title of the motorcycle.

If you are uncomfortable or you don’t feel too confident writing the bill of sale yourself, you will find templates on certain legal websites. All you need to do is ensure that it contains the right information about the lien as well as any special circumstances to be in the guarantee clause.

Application For Duplicate Title

Application For Dublicate Title

Many people have dealt with a lost title to motorcycle. It’s nothing out of the ordinary to lose a tile. Whether the title is stolen or you have misplaced it in a way that you just can’t find it, having a replacement title is not too complicated.

Lost Title To Motorcycle, Replacement Options #1 – A Stolen Title

Having your title stolen is something that should never be taken lightly. Even if you don’t have the car with you, it is important that you still have the title. The title is often a commodity that car thieves will use in the black market.

They will forge the title which would make it possible for them to sell a stolen car to someone who doesn’t do his or her due diligence and perform the necessary research.

If the buyer of the car proceeds to register the car in their name, as far as DMV knows, they are the owner of your car. Even if you know the entire truth, it will take you a lot of time and money not to mention great effort to fix the problem.

We are talking up to nine or more months as well as using up thousands of dollars.

The solution to the problem is that you will need to order a title replacement through the DMV which will automatically void the title that has been stolen and now the stolen title cannot be reregistered.

Lost Title To Motorcycle, Replacement Options #2 – Replacing The Lost Title

To many people, the paperwork involved in title replacement can seem confusing at first. However, it is quite a simple process. The requirements will be different from one state to another. This is why it is important to confirm with your state’s DMV through a call or by checking their website.

To replace the lost title, however, most times the general process will be as follows even regardless of the state:

Start by completing the application for lost title to motorcycle that you can easily access at the DMV website. Download the forms, fill them and then send them together with the required documents as well as fees.

You may also want to pay a visit to the local DMV offices where you will complete the following steps.

Locate the DMV website of your state and then look for the duplicate title forms. You can easily find what you are searching for using a search engine. Here you will enter “duplicate title forms” in “your state”.

You can then fill out the paperwork. Here you will fill in the name, driver’s license number, address, and the VIN of the car. Then you will need to submit the forms via mail.

The Necessary Documents

But what about the accompanying documents? These will include the ID photocopy and proof that you have paid the property taxes. You will also need an insurance card as well as an inspection slip whenever applicable. Furthermore, you may need to provide a notary stamp.

Any other additional paperwork will include a lien where applicable or if you have a loan.

Then there is the cost. This will not be too high as often the person who wants to replace the lost title to a motorcycle will at around $50.

Let’s talk a bit about the turnaround time. For you to get a replacement title, this could take anywhere from 6- 8 weeks. In major cities, this time maybe even longer.

You will not get the new title online tough. In the majority of states, as a result of the need for security, you cannot receive the title online.

Thanks to the strict process, it is not possible for one to title a car that has been stolen.  This is clear. However, you will need to show proof of ownership. The reason why this process will not work with a stolen vehicle is that the DMV is going to run the VIN just to ensure that the vehicle is not stolen.

Buying Vehicle Without Title

Sure, buying a vehicle without its title is not an easy process. But it is possible to for in certain states which have allowed this.  There are certain options available to you if you are planning on purchasing a car that doesn’t have a title.

You will need to first be in a position to offer documents that prove that you legally own the vehicle. An example of such a document is a bill of sale. You can get this from a dealership.

One also that the one who sold the car to you must ensure that they have paid any pending taxes. This will help avoid any complications during the buying process.

You may need to track the previous owner.

Let’s say, for instance, it was a parent who gave the car as a gift to their child. This is not unheard of. Now it is the child who owns the car. However, the title is still in the position of the parents.

In such a case what if the child is planning on selling the car? Then they need to contact their parents and then get them to sign over the title.

However, this process can prove difficult if the owner of the vehicle is unknown. That said, it is always a good idea to track down the previous owner or get a replacement title.

Securing a title for your vehicle is important if you are considering a trade-in program.

The Bill Of Sale

This document is among the most important ones since it shows the real owner of the car. This doesn’t only offer proof that you have paid for the car. There are still many situations in which it can prove useful.

For instance, if there is something wrong with the vehicle, you can clearly show that you are legally the owner of that car. In case someone stole your car, you can show that it belongs to you. This is why it is important to keep the bill of sale safe.

Surety Bond Title

When purchasing a vehicle that doesn’t have a title, another document that can prove useful is a surety bond title. It will offer proof that you own the vehicle. This is because it will have the new name of the new owner as well as the name of the surety company.

After that vehicle has been transferred legally in your name, it is the surety bond that will now be replaced with the actual title.

The surety company will provide an agreement that will take care of the registration. This is in case the car’s legal owner doesn’t do it.

You can purchase the surety bond via an insurance company, a credit union, or even through a car dealership. This will cost you around 2% of the value of the car. Keep this cash available whenever you are looking to purchase a car that doesn’t have a title.

Buying Motorcycle Without A Title

Motorcycle Without A Title

There are many situations where a motorcycle would lack a title. Sure it is not always advisable to purchase a motor vehicle without a title. That said, you can still manage to get a new replacement tile.

Keep in mind that different states will handle the matter differently but the general process is often the same. It is the specifics such that the waiting time or the fees often differ.

In case you don’t have a bill of sale you will have the option of getting in contact with the person who sold you the motorcycle and then filling the bill of sale together.

Other times the transaction is between parties who are a long distance apart. You can send them an email and have the email printed by them and signed. They can then scan it and resend it to you.

Now you will take the motorcycle to the DMV together with the bill of sale. You will need to have some cash on you. After providing the bill of sale, the DMV will run the VIN to ensure that it doesn’t have any lien.

Running the VIN often involves contacting the police and reading the VIN to them. This will offer an instant result that will say if the motorcycle is clean.

Once this happens you will receive the appropriate paperwork. You will then fill it out to get a new title.

Filing Documents

This process will usually involve filling out a lost title to motorcycle form. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you require to have a physical address in the state to be able to get a title.

Having finished the process and the requirements you will get a new title after a couple of weeks. Before the new title arrives you will receive a temporary registration.

So what if you can’t get to ride the motorcycle? In this case, you will need to contact the local police asking them to come to your residence where they will then run the VIN. Sometimes the police department isn’t willing to do this. Then you will need to find a different means to take your motorcycle to the DMV.

Another option is that the seller of the motorcycle can get the title and then sell the bike to you. You can tell them that you will only be willing to purchase the motorcycle if it comes with a title. Of course, this can greatly simplify the process.

Always remember that you should observe caution whenever you are looking to buy a motorcycle that doesn’t have a title. It is not always the best idea. However, if you do your due diligence and can find out whether or not it is stolen, only then should you proceed with the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get A Copy Of My Car Title Online

A title provides evidence and proof of the ownership of a vehicle or motorcycle. It is the state government via the Department Of Motor Vehicles that offers titles. In case you require a replacement title you will often only get one via mail.

How To Get A Title For A Car Without Title

If you bought a car that doesn’t have a title, often you will need a surety bond when registering the vehicle. There are certain states which will offer a temporary registration that transfers the ownership of the vehicle to you after several years in case no one comes to claim the vehicle.

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