Car Cleaning in Dubai

Are you looking for Car Cleaning services in Dubai, UAE? Then Foilers Auto Accessories Trading LLC is the right place for you car interior cleaning. Our car interior cleaning team has years of experienced and certified and know very well how your car’s interior surfaces should be spruced up. Our car detailing services are tailor-made according to your car type, age, and materials. The team reviews your car’s interiors and determines how the surfaces should be treated. The products and technologies we use are ultra-modern. The detailing team measures the PH levels of the cleaners to ensure that there is proper cleaning and decontamination without any abrasion or damage.

Our car interior detailing services include:

  • Air conditioning germ & bacteria removal,
  • High pressure steam extraction,
  • Steam cleaning AC vents and upholstery,
  • Wet vacuum of carpet and upholstery,
  •  Vinyl and dashboard shining and protection,
  • Leather upholstery and fabric conditioning,
  • Enhancement detail,
  • Interior Pre-treat,
  • Steam cleaning and sanitizing,
  • Stain and pet hair removal, Odor removal,
  • Fabric dirt Cleaning,
  • Leather guard and conditioning,
  • Flat board cleaning,
  • Germ and bacterial decontamination.

Let’s protect your car’s interior upholstery such as seats, dashboard and doors with our professional car interior cleaning & upholstery service in Dubai, UAE. Call us today on +9714 2990072 or login to our website.


  • Dashboard Wipe-down
  • Exterior Wash
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Interior Windows
  • Mat Cleaning/ Mat Shampoo
  • Tire Sine
  • Wheel Brite