How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Firestone: That Pricey?

How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Firestone: That Pricey?

So, how much does an alignment cost at Firestone? Well, basic alignment will put your camber, caster, and toe in the best shape for your car. Camber is the part of the wheel that people view from the front; the caster is the area of the steering pivot, while the toe is the angle between the front and rear of the tires. Firestone alignment can also adjust your tire’s air pressure, suspension system, tire wear-out conditions, and so on.

At Firestone, a quality alignment will cost you $80 before taxes for either both wheels at the front or all four-wheel alignment. If you feel your vehicle will function better with at least two alignments, you can just go for the Lifetime Alignment. The Lifetime Alignment package means you will get alignment for free every six months for as long as you use your vehicle.

Factors such as the location of a particular Firestone branch also affect the cost, while the quality differs from location to location too. Do you need more information about this? Keep reading.

How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Firestone

Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment adjusts the angles of your tires so they can function well on the road; an alignment also adjusts your vehicle’s suspension and enables your wheels to point straight. Wheel alignment also improves your tire life, fuel economy, and the general driveability of your car.

If your steering wheel is shaking while you drive or your vehicle is veering, it indicates that you need to get a wheel alignment. The wheel alignment cost at Firestone depends on factors such as your car’s make and model and the type of tires you are using. If you just got a new pair of tires, you should get a wheel alignment, too, to extend the life of your tires.

When you want to get a wheel alignment, the mechanic is concerned with the following;

1. Camber

This is the interior and exterior angle of your tires when you look at them from the front. If your tires have excessive inward and outward tilt, they are not correctly aligned and need adjustments. Also, factors such as ball joints, worn bearings, and other essential wheel parts can cause improper camber alignment.

2. Toe

The toe alignment has to do with how your tires turn inward and outward when you view them from above. Looking down at your feet will make you understand this better if your toes turn inward, you have toe-in alignment; if it turns outward, you have toe-out alignment.

3. Caster

The caster helps you take control of your steering and provides stability and ease as you drive. There is a positive and negative caster; the steering axis will tilt towards you when you have a positive caster, but if you have a negative caster, the steering axis will lean toward the front of the car.

How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Firestone

Causes Of Wheel Misalignment

The most cause of wheel misalignment is when you hit your vehicle against a heavy object while you are at top speed. Bumping into potholes and manholes can take your wheels out of alignment, affecting the balancing of your steering, reducing your fuel efficiency, and damaging your car suspension.

Signs Of Improper Wheel Alignment

Apart from the fact that proper wheel alignment prevents excessive wear on your tires, it also ensures safe driving by preventing suspension stress. Also, alignment is essential for excellent handling. Below are common signs that you need a wheel alignment;

How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Firestone, Symptoms #1: Car Is Veering To The Side

To know if your car needs alignment, take it to a flat set of roads, check whether it’s veering left and right while driving down a less-busy road, and study how your steering functions.

How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Firestone, Symptoms #2: Your Steering Wheel Vibrates

If you notice that your steering wheel vibrates while you drive at high speed, then you need a wheel alignment. This issue can lead to unexpected tire wear or blowout if you don’t sort it out as soon as possible.

How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Firestone, Symptoms #3: Irregular Tire Wear

First of all, improper wheel alignment reduces your tire’s life expectancy. If you notice that one tire is worn out more than the other, it’s a sign that you need a wheel alignment. Improper wheel alignment also causes excessive tire wear from every angle.

How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Firestone

Front End Alignment

The primary function of a front-end alignment is to ensure that your vehicle’s suspension components are tuned to the best angles. Aligning the front end means focusing on the caster, camber, and toe. If you have a front-wheel drive vehicle,  a front-end alignment will help you adjust all hooks that you feel in the steering.

How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Firestone: When To Get Front End Alignment

Experts advise you to get a front-end alignment for your car every 50,000 miles. However, some signs indicate it’s time to get a front-end alignment before reaching that mileage. The signs include;

How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Firestone: Process Of A Front-End Alignment

This type of alignment is quite complex, and you will need some measurements and precision to get it right. You may need to get an alignment machine to assist you but if you want to do it yourself, follow these steps;

  • Use jack stands to raise both wheels.
  • Insert your key inside the ignition and turn it to the “accessory” position. Make sure your engine stays off.
  • Carefully look at both wheels, one at a time, and check the direction it’s facing. If it’s facing the center of the vehicle, you must tighten the outer tire bar. You will have to loosen the tire bar if it’s pointing outward.
  • Check the but attaching the outer and inner rods, then loosen it.
  • Turn the outer hoop bar in the opposite direction or loosen it if the wheels require that you turn it further in the inward direction. If it requires that you move it further outward, then tighten the tire rod.
  • Once you are done, check if the wheel is balanced and in the right direction; if it is, use the process to fix the other wheel.

Wheel Alignment Cost

A proper wheel alignment increases your tire life, improves your car’s fuel economy, and provides safety for you and the passengers. It also puts your steering in good shape and enables your vehicle to drive straight instead of pulling sideways. Whenever you want to get a wheel alignment for your car, it’s always advisable to hire a professional to help you with it.

The question now is, what is the cost of a wheel alignment? Some professionals will conduct wheel inspections for you without charge. However, the alignment fee starts at around $90. Prices can change based on location, type of car, and the shop you visit but many professionals and auto shops charge the same rate.

Firestone charges $80 per year and $170 for lifetime wheel alignment. Goodyear charges $100 for six months, and Pep Boys charges $85 for three months and $110 for a year. Location and company affect the price. A four-wheel alignment is more expensive but recommended and effective.

Another factor that affects the cost is if you wish to align a car, full-size SUV (like the 2012 Ford Expedition), or truck. A wheel alignment for a compact will be cheaper than a truck’s.

Firestone Lifetime Alignment

Firestone Lifetime Alignment means you will have your wheel alignment checked every six months as long as you use that particular vehicle. At Firestone, you will get a Lifetime Alignment of around $170 to $200; they also give out a $20 coupon several times a year to reduce the price to about $160.

4 Wheel Alignment

The four-wheel alignment helps you adjust and adequately align the four wheels of your car. Once you equally align the four wheels, you prevent uneven tire wear; you improve straight-line stability and cornering performance. If your steering has started shaking and vibrating, you have worn tires, or your steering is veering sideways, you need a wheel alignment.

How The Four-Wheel Alignment Works

The primary function of the four-wheel alignment is to ensure that all wheels are pointing to the correct angle and direction recommended by the manufacturer. Toe-in means the front of a tire is closer to the rear of that tire. Toe out means the back of a tire is closer to the front of that exact tire.

The camber relates to the degree of tire tilt, and it controls the angle of your tires. There is the negative camber and positive camber.

How To Do Four-Wheel Alignment

  • First, check all your tires and set the appropriate pressure for them.
  • Position alignment sensors on each wheel.
  • The computer system will calculate the alignment angle and point out the adjustment you need to make.

Firestone Alignment Price

Firestone offers one-year alignment for $80 while the lifetime wheel alignment is between $170 to $200. If you got a standard wheel alignment at Firestone, their technicians would help you inspect and adjust your vehicle’s camber, toe, and caster. The technicians will also help you check your front, center, and rear starting as well as the suspension system of your vehicle.

Once they are done, they will then help you road-test the vehicle. You should note that a standard wheel alignment service at Firestone comes with 12 months or 12,000 miles warranty. The lifetime wheel alignment by Firestone means you will get an alignment service every six months for your car.

Wheel Alignment Coupons

Every wheel alignment provider offers coupons many times a year to enable people to purchase their services at a lower price. Firestone once offered a coupon that reduced its lifetime wheel alignment to about $160. The coupons last for a particular time and won’t be accessible after some point.

Wheel alignment coupons and the percentage taken off from the original price differ from company to company. Some will take off 10%, 20%, 30%, and even 40%.

Average Cost Wheel Alignment

The average cost of a wheel alignment is $90. A front-end wheel alignment costs around $50 to $75. A four-wheel alignment is more expensive, costing around $100 to $170. The wheel alignment cost for luxury cars will be more costly than for regular vehicles.

Alignment After New Tires

Most people don’t get a wheel alignment for their new tires, and in turn, the life expectancy of the tires reduces. Usually, you don’t have to get wheel alignment for your new idea, but experts have advised that it is a good idea. Alignment for your new tires ensures that all four tires are positioned at the right angle on the road.

Getting an alignment for your new tires ensures a smooth ride and will increase the life expectancy of your tires.

Wheel Alignment Frequency For Vehicles

Experts advise that you should get an alignment every 12 months. However, you should check your car’s user manual to know when your car needs alignment. If you tow heavy loads with your vehicle or you drive on rough terrain, you will need wheel alignment more often, especially if;

  • You bump into a pothole while driving at high speed.
  • Your vehicle pulls sideways while you drive.
  • There is a flopping sound as you drive.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing has to fix the imbalance between wheel weights and the tire. The technician will help you with wheel balancing and alignment. A balanced wheel ensures a smooth and safe ride; follow these steps;

  • Remove all tires from the vehicle and place them on a computer wheel balancer.
  • The computer will test each wheel for imbalance and point out where the issue is.
  • Place a counterweight on the rim to correct the imbalance.
  • Recheck the wheel on the computer to be sure it’s now in good shape.

Tire Balancing

Tire balancing has two categories of wheel: steel and alloy, but whichever wheel it is, there are things you need to know.

  • First, detach the wheels from the vehicle by lifting the car and taking the nuts off.
  • You don’t need to remove the tire from the wheel, put the wheel and tire in the tire balancing machine, and the machine will do the rest.
  • Take note that you need to remove the old weights from the weight.

How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Firestone: Signs Of Unbalanced Tires

You should opt to balance your tires every six months, but there are signs you can check to determine when to balance your tires. The symptoms include;

  • Bad fuel economy
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • A pair of tires wearing out faster than the other

FAQs On How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Firestone

How Much Does An Alignment Cost

Basically, wheel alignment will cost you about $100 to $250, depending on where you take your car and the kind of car you are using. Not all shops will help you align your wheel correctly, so hire the best or go to the dealership.

Does Discount Tire Do Alignments

Discount Tire does not offer alignment services simply because they don’t have the tools and equipment to do so. However, they can refer you to wheel alignment shops around their location that provide the best alignment service for your vehicle.

How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Walmart

At Walmart, wheel alignment costs around $30 to $95, although the price depends on the Walmart branch you go to and the service you want. If you wish to use the front-end alignment only, it will cost you around $30 to $95. If your car requires the four-wheel alignment, you will pay about $70 to $90.

How Much Is A Front End Alignment

The front-end alignment will cost about $50 to $75. However, the price can change based on your type of car, the auto shop you go to, and the location.

Where To Get An Alignment

You can get wheel alignment from your local auto shop, you can get it from dealerships, or you can hire a unique mechanic to help you with it. One of the most popular wheel alignment service providers is Firestone, they have several branches, and all you have to do is search for the branch close to your location and get the service you want.

How Often Should You Get An Alignment

You should get a wheel alignment for your car every 24 to 36 months. However, to be on the safer side, you need an alignment whenever you notice that your steering wheel is shaking, your car is drifting sideways while you drive, and so on. Also, if you use and maintain your vehicle correctly, it won’t have issues quickly. Whenever you want to get an alignment, do not try to do it yourself if you don’t have any experience, it’s dangerous for you and the passengers; hire a professional, and they will get the work done as soon as possible.

How Long Does A Tire Alignment Take

Under normal circumstances, a professional will finish a wheel alignment task within an hour whether you are using a two-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle. However, some factors can extend that time frame, for instance, if there is severe wear on the suspension system, steering wheel, or track rod.

Do I Need Alignment With New Tires

Typically, you don’t need an alignment for your new tires, but experts have suggested that it’s a good idea if you align your new tires. Getting your new tires aligned will put them at the right angle on the road, prevent fast wear, improve fuel economy and increase tire life expectancy. Getting your new tires aligned will also enable a smooth and safe drive.

Do I Need Alignment After Replacing Tires

Replacing your tires means you got new ones; complete the task by getting alignment for the new tires too. It prevents the new tires from excess wear, and you will use the tires for a longer time than if you don’t get them aligned.

How To Do An Alignment

There are three types of alignment; the front-end alignment, the four-wheel alignment, and the thrust alignment, each type has a procedure, but a professional can quickly figure out which type is suitable for your car. To carry out the alignment process, test-drive and check your suspension turning, lift your car with a jack stand, and find out if it needs a repair or replacement. Check or adjust the pressure and connect your vehicle to the alignment machine. Once you connect the machine, measure the toe, camber, caster, and thrust and adjust the angles so that they can align with the suspension. Adjust the steering wheel to the center and test-drive again, and you are good to go.

How Much Is Alignment At Firestone

At Firestone, whether you want a front-end alignment or a four-wheel alignment, a standard alignment will cost you about $80. Or you can opt for the Lifetime Alignment, which costs about $170 to $200. With the Lifetime Alignment package, you get the alignment service every six months till you stop using that particular vehicle.

Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments

Whenever you want to align your car wheel, Walmart is the best company you can go to. They offer quality services at a very friendly price and won’t waste your time. At Walmart, wheel alignment costs about $30 to $95. The price will vary based on your location and the Walmart brand you visit. A front-end wheel alignment will cost you about $30 to $65, while a complete four-wheel alignment will cost you around $50 to $100.

How Much Does Balancing Tires Cost

Some auto shops offer free tire balancing when you purchase a service from them. On average, you will pay between $20 to $100 for tire balancing. If you buy new tires, the balancing will be part of the fitting fee, which makes it free. Depending on location, some shops will charge $5 and $20 per wheel.

How Often Should I Balance My Vehicle Tire

Balancing your tire occasionally is very important for safe and smooth driving. You don’t need to balance your tires every week; you will waste a lot of time and money. However, you should balance your tires every time you purchase new ones. Also, you can make it a habit to balance your tire every six months. Balancing tires does not take long; a professional should be done with it within 45 minutes.

Conclusion On How Much Does An Alignment Cost At Firestone

Firestone is one of the best go-to locations for your car alignment. They offer standard and Lifetime Alignment at an affordable price; whether you need the front-end alignment or four-wheel alignment, they are the best for it. A Lifetime Alignment will cost around $190, while a standard alignment at Firestone will cost about $70 to $80.

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