How Much Does A Limo Cost To Buy – And How To Hire One?

How Much Does A Limo Cost To Buy – And How To Hire One?

Do you ever wonder how much a limousine would cost? This is the time to read this article in order to learn more about how much does a limo cost to buy as well as rent.

Since cost is the main consideration when making a purchase, you might look for ways to get it for the cheapest price while maintaining quality.

When you hire a limo, you want a relaxing, opulent, and secure experience. You’ll want to make sure to research the limo rental company prior to making any selections, just like you would before hiring any other service or buying something.

There are some important things to think about. Continue reading to discover some of the things to think about before selecting a limousine service.

Limo Rental

How Much Does A Limo Cost To Buy

There are several steps to researching and hiring a limo service.

1. Online Evaluations And Personal Referrals

As you’re likely aware, the majority of the information we seek these days is online. This is specifically true while researching a firm.

To find online reviews, you can search on a number of websites. In fact, 90% of customers claim to read online reviews before going to a store or making a purchase. That has a significant influence.

Any business with a solid reputation and devoted clients will have positive evaluations. It’s also likely that some reviews may include any problems the author has encountered.

This is a fantastic method to discover many different viewpoints. Additionally, check to see if they reply to their reviewers.

You should look for recommendations from reliable sources in addition to those websites. This could include close friends, relatives, and coworkers. You might not find as many internet evaluations if the limousine service is doing a large amount of business travel.

2. Pricing

Pricing is usually a factor to be taken into account when choosing a chauffeured service. You may get a decent notion of what is a fair amount to pay by comparing pricing.

For a wedding or other significant event, you could discover that selecting the best limo service or motor coach isn’t the cheapest option.

Also, keep in mind that prices might be deceptive. Additionally, the cheapest price can turn out to be a scam. If the services are subpar, your fantastic pricing will be useless. There is a proverb that is always true. Value is what you get; price is what you pay.

3. Fleet

A favored auto service provider will have a sizable fleet. They ought to be able to provide a range of vehicles with various features and facilities. Their fleet should offer options for various passenger group sizes in addition to features.

Other than knowing how much does a limo cost to buy, when choosing a limo rental service, people have different requirements or preferences. In order for the business to provide you with the finest solutions for your scenario, make certain to inform them how many passengers you’ll be traveling with.

There are vehicles with seating for two to three people as well as larger coach buses with enough for several people.

4. Customer Service

Look into their procedures and regulations about what transpires if your car breaks down. Do they own a second vehicle that might easily pick you up?

A service that has been around for a while and operates a larger fleet of vehicles is typically more equipped and more knowledgeable in handling automotive problems that can arise even with new cars.

One of the best ways to judge a company is by personal experience. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to hire someone to get a good idea. Call the limo rental company and speak to a representative.

This person is called a representative for a reason; they represent the company in question. Be sure to ask as many questions as you would like.

Ensure that they are willing and able to answer all your questions. You may even want to visit their office and meet their staff in person. This way you can really see what type of operation you are hiring.

Customer service is of the utmost importance. If they cannot provide you with great service in this instance, they will likely not be able to give you great service if you choose to hire them.

5. Contracts And Payments

You will likely need to make a deposit with said limo rental provider. This will result in a legally-binding agreement between yourself and the business. Additionally, they’ll probably ask you to sign a document outlining all of their rules.

Before you agree to a contract or make a payment, it’s critical for you to have all of this information. If you get into a contract, it’s possible that you won’t be able to receive your cash back if you decide not to use the services.

Check out their cancellation rules to be sure. If you cancel within their given time window, you might be able to get a refund.

6. Staffing

You’ll be able to tell how staffed a limo company is when you call them by whether or not someone picks up the phone. Additionally, the duration of time that you had to wait on hold until assistance arrived?

Staffing is one of the most crucial and critical components of every company since it represents how successfully and fast they would be able to serve you.

7. Security And Insurance

The right insurance should be carried out by a limo rental company. This tells you that they need insurance. This is for their vehicles, drivers, but also passengers.

Never go for a limo service that cannot show you proof of commercial insurance whenever you ask for it or don’t have it.

How much does a limo cost to buy aside from, people who rent a vehicle that will often not be covered by auto policies? It’s preferable to work with a company that can guarantee that, should things go wrong, you wouldn’t be held accountable.

8. Stretch Limousine

Stretch limousines are upscale vehicles operated by a chauffeur who typically has room for many people. The vehicle’s wheelbase has been extended, making it far longer than a usual luxury car.

Modern stretch limousine models may also be modeled after other vehicles like SUVs, and so on. Traditional stretch limousine designs were often only available in black or white and were modeled after smaller luxury cars.

The limo’s amenities and extra features might vary greatly depending on the manufacturer.

Nowadays, large SUVs are stretched out to resemble limousines.

Depending on the manufacturer’s standards, the stretch limousine’s length may differ greatly. The length of the limousine will frequently affect the interior space, and the seating configurations will differ based on the dimensions of the vehicle.

In some stretch limousine versions, the passenger cabin is lined with sideways-facing seats, with backward-facing seats at the front and forward-facing seats at the back.

This increases the number of seats available and improves seating for lots of visitors. To improve the luxury experience, some limousines come with extras like wet bars, radios, brighter lights, and so forth.

Professional drivers are engaged to operate stretch limos.

Novelty stretch limo designs frequently take inspiration from less conventional car models than luxury cars.

Large SUVs, trucks, and off-road vehicles have all been “stretched” to resemble limousines. Models of taxicabs and other uncommon automobiles have also been converted into limousines.

These limousines are typically booked for both their striking beauty and the comfort as well as the luxury that comes with a limousine.

Average Cost Of Limo Rental

How Much Does A Limo Cost To Buy

Other than knowing how much does a limo cost to buy, when choosing a limo rental service, people have different requirements or preferences. How much does it cost to rent a limo? Let’s look at the several factors that influence limo hire prices.

The limousine is among the first modes of transportation. The first limousines with engines were created in France in 1902. But as early as the 1700s, the wealthy would travel in opulent limos pulled by their horses.

Because they are a safe, elegant, comfortable, and convenient mode of transportation, limos are very popular. Whether you’re going to or from the airport, going out for the evening, or celebrating your wedding, renting a limo is the best option for transportation.

Also, keep in mind that the word “limo” may signify different things to different persons. A limousine is technically any chauffeured vehicle that is available for rental; examples include, SUVs, luxury sedans, Mercedes Sprinter vans or limousines, or even opulent coaches.

How Much Does A Limo Cost To Buy

Other than knowing how much does a limo cost to buy, when choosing a limo rental service, people have different requirements or preferences you must first decide what kind of limousine you want or require before starting your hunt for the car limo of your dreams.

From the following list, pick one of the limos: Along with limos, limos also come in sedans, limo vans, and limo buses. You should be quite picky about the cost after choosing the type of limousine you desire.

You would undoubtedly discover that there are many pricing points for limos if you were to consider how much they cost. Looking at a standard car, this only costs $20,000. A long limousine version of this would cost from $60,000 to $80,000.

Do you now want to cut back on your expenses? The only option left to you at that point is to buy a used limo. This means finding out how much does a limo cost to buy. Note however that you’ll also have to do extra upkeep.

This merely suggests that not everyone ought to choose the limousine which is the most affordable. Therefore, using low-quality parts will always result in malfunctions and increased maintenance costs.

You should be aware that a typical Lincoln limousine costs about 75,000 USD and boasts a V8 engine connected to an auto transmission.

However, a Mini Cooper XXL could cost you anywhere from 66,000 and 90,000 USD. This might be the ideal investment vehicle for you.

The Hummer H2 limo may be your finest option if you wish to experience the height of luxury. Given that it costs from 165,000 to 220,000 USD, this is equal to purchasing a new house.

Average Limousine Rental Prices

Before we find out how much does a limo cost to buy, let’s examine the several elements that affect the cost of limo rentals.

1. Limo Types

When deciding which kind of limousine to rent, you have a wide range of possibilities. The kind of limo you select will have a big role in the final price.

For instance, the rate per hour for a premium car limo should be from $65 to $75. You may pay from $80 to $100 for every hour if you upgraded to the Audi A8L, for instance.

For larger groups of 6 to 20 persons, stretch limos are a common choice. They are a good choice for weddings, proms, and even winery trips. The stretch Hummer could cost from $150 to $300, while the hourly rates will range between $100 and $250.

A limo that takes 6 to 8 persons will cost on average from $95 to $125 per hour. The bigger limos may cost between $100 and $250 for every hour.

From 8 to 14 passengers can comfortably get in the Mercedes Sprinter as well as most other longer limousines. The hourly wage on average is between $95 and $140.

Raised roofs on the Sprinters as well as Transits make it simpler to get in as well as out. These kinds of style limo rentals are in high demand.

For bigger parties of 15 to 50 passengers, the luxury party bus, and the motor coaches are excellent options. Hourly charges can be between $110 and $195 or more.

2. Limo Packages

A limo service is offered, and it’s not just for proms and weddings. Limousine packages are advantageous to you as well as your pals whenever and everywhere you go.

With the aid of a qualified chauffeur, special activities—such as brewery visits, sporting events, concerts, birthday parties, and wine tours—can be made safer and more pleasurable.

Transportation home, bottled water, prom drop-off, single or even multiple pick-up locations, and transportation are often part of the prom package rates.

Prom-spec limos will often start around $700 and this can rise to $1,600 with an extended trip in the more sumptuous, contemporary bus or stretch limo that has enhanced features and several stops.

Bottled water, multiple stops, champagne, as well as the escorting of the delighted pair home or even to their room following a great and enjoyful day are often inclusive of wedding limo packages.

Many couples will on the day of the wedding plan on spending anywhere from $600 to $1,100 on limousine services. A limo shuttle bus often costs $1,200, while limo services for weddings frequently begin at $750.

3. Date, Time, And Location

The location has a big impact on how much it costs to rent a limousine. It’s possible that rural areas are less expensive than a big metropolis.

Some companies factor the duration of the trip into their final price. For instance, the rate or distance charge might be higher if it takes longer to get to your location than an hour.

The fact that weekend rates for limo rentals are greater than weekday rates shouldn’t be a surprise. In addition, your costs will go up for pricey occasions like the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, or a major sporting event or concert.

The busiest days for limo service are often Fridays and Saturdays. Plan your limousine excursion for the week if at all possible to save money. Still enjoyable, and certain locations are easier to access!

Although the majority of rentals are on an hourly basis, occasionally you may be able to negotiate a day rate for 8–12 hours. Booking more than one hour will typically result in savings on the hourly price, even though your entire costs will be higher.

Since limo rentals are most frequent at night, nighttime limo service will be more expensive than daytime service.

4. Extra Charges

Before you agree to sign contracts with any limo rental company, enquire about any additional costs. These expenses may also put in administrative fees, specific amenities (beverages, refreshments), as well as tips.

Cleaning costs apply when thorough cleaning is important. For example, taking out plenty of trash, spilled food as well as drinks, or cleaning glitter will take plenty of time as well as money.

Basic cleaning is part of the price of renting a limo. That said if a person within the group becomes very rowdy and even vomits inside the car, be prepared to pay extra which may be as much as $500.

Furthermore, certain packages for special events could come with a free champagne bottle. Limo services will transport special requests if you are willing to pay extra, or you may even supply your own.

Moreover, you might even pre-deposit your drinks and nibbles at the limo service’s headquarters.

Above all, pay attention to the guidance. An optional suggested gratuity may occasionally be part of your rental fee. Usually, limo package deals reflect this.

However, hourly rentals do not add a gratuity, so you’ll need extra cash to pay the chauffeur. You may also add the cost to the credit card.

It is the norm to provide the chauffeur with 20% of the fare when hiring a limousine for an hourly service, round-trip trip, or airport transfer. For a great service, you can consider leaving a bigger gratuity.

If you are happy with the driver, you are welcome to tip him or her. Tips may go up, go down, or be completely abolished. But make sure to take care of your driver because they’ll make the event a superb success.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Limo

If you’re still unsure of how much it will cost to rent a limo, bear the following considerations in mind.

Pre-arranged services are frequently quite affordable and can be shared between friends. Your hourly fees will change depending on your location, car, rental date, and duration. When you get your final bill, be sure to read through all the charges.

Overall, you’ll have a terrific time using a limousine. Riding with a driver is not only a pleasant and peaceful way to travel, but it is also safer than driving after drinking. Choose a reputable, insured, and properly licensed limousine service, we implore you.

Types Of Limos

How Much Does A Limo Cost To Buy, Limo Types #1 – Sedan Limousine

A sedan limousine may fit a maximum of four passengers while combining elegance in a small area. Despite being the smallest car on the list, most people view it as the most economical way to travel.

The majority of people frequently use this kind of limo for professional or business needs. It’s a great technique to influence your clients or customers without putting in much effort.

How Much Does A Limo Cost To Buy, Limo Types #2 – SUV Limousine

The SUV limousine is the finest option if you want to take a road trip with your friends or family in style. It has far more room than a sedan and occasionally has a completely functional bar with a multimedia center fitted.

It strikes the optimum combination between comfort and style, making it excellent for parties or even school dance nights. Imagine sipping champagne as you and your pals travel in comfort to the event location.

How Much Does A Limo Cost To Buy, Limo Types #3 – Limo Bus

A limo bus for individuals who wish to host a party on a grander scale, limo buses are ar the popular option. They are the largest of all the varieties and can accommodate up to 30 people at once.

They also have a decent bathroom, strobes, and a bar table, unlike the other limousines. Even disco floors and lighting are part of the experience.

Therefore, if you wish to celebrate even before you arrive at the event, a limo bus is the ideal option. Additionally, birthday parties can use it.

How Much Does A Limo Cost To Buy, Limo Types #4 – Stretch Limo

As the name suggests, a stretch limo is a sedan that has been extended. Depending on the interior design, it has seating options on each side and in the back for at least four people.

The facilities are what set it apart. Some stores not only provide televisions but also a casino and slot machine possibilities that customers will definitely love.

How Much Does A Limo Cost To Buy, Limo Types #5 – Convertible Limo

The only difference between it and a typical limo is that it has an open roof. You can control it using a remote control system or by pushing a special control button.

It offers bars and entertainment choices in addition to a flexible roof. A convertible limo may accommodate up to eight passengers, making it ideal for weddings and birthdays.

How Much Does A Limo Cost To Buy, Limo Types #6 – Lincoln Limousine

A Lincoln limo is really the pinnacle of luxury, comfort, and flair, making it the best limo of all the varieties and a crowd favorite.

Despite being around for many years, Lincoln always has retained its distinctive appearance. It also possesses the key characteristics of other limo kinds, which makes it perfect for weddings or business trips.

How Much Does A Limo Cost To Buy, Limo Types #7 – Classic Vintage Limousine

If you want a traditional appearance with a striking design, the antique limousine will undoubtedly suit your preferences.

It might be a little more cramped than your typical sedan limousine, though, which can be difficult, especially on lengthy trips.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is It To Rent A Limo

While hourly fees range from $100 to $250, the price of a stretched Hummer may be between $150 and $300. The normal hourly rate for a 6–8 person limousine is between $95 and $125. For 10 to 16 passengers, larger limousines might be $100 to $250 per hour.

How Many People Can Fit In A Limo

Most limousines can accommodate eight to ten passengers at most. The majority of stretch luxury have two seats behind the driver’s compartment and a rear passenger area. The smallest limousines, on the other hand, provide enough from six to eight passengers and only include a passenger and a driver compartment.

How Much Do Limo Drivers Make

The average hourly wage for a limo driver inside the United States as of Sep 27, 2022, is $19.75. The average hourly pay for limo drivers in the United States is now between $14.42 (25th percentile) and $24.04 (75th percentile), with ZipRecruiter reporting ranging from $9.62 to $30.77.

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