How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With?

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With?

A new car always comes with a pamphlet containing all of a vehicle’s specs and options. However, if you have lost the information pamphlet or never got it due to buying a used car, you might wonder, “how do I find out what options my car was ordered with”?

The perfect way to find your car’s options is by checking the VIN. The VIN will show all information concerning the vehicle, including the engine type, car model, production location, body style, and user/service history. You can check the VIN online for a fee using unique search engines. 

Finding out the prevalent car features is not very difficult. However, getting the extra information is the tricky part. But do not worry. This article will explain how you can get all the options your car comes with.

Vehicle Specs By VIN

Finding vehicle specs by VIN is very easy. VIN is a series of numbers that encode all the information about a vehicle. Finding the specs of a car using VIN involves typing the numbers into a VIN decoding service website. The website will bring out all details about the vehicle, including the basic specifications.

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With

Most VIN decoding services (including the best free VIN decoder) might not be able to give complete exposure to car details. However, a comprehensive VIN decoding service will show all specs in select categories. These categories include: 

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With: #1. Basic Data

The basic data include the car model, model year, body type, trim, car make, vehicle type, etc.

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With: #2. Engines

Engine spec data include forced induction, fuel quality, stroke, timing, max torque, displacement, engine type, oil capacity, cam type, cylinders, fuel type, and block type.

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With: #3. Transmission

The transmission includes both the transmission type, the gear type, and availability.

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With: #4. Standard And Optional Equipment

The standard specs include the drivetrain, ext and int dimensions, weight and load capacity, steering, seating, wheels, and tires.

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With: #5. Equipment

The car equipment includes the audio system, doors, in-car entertainment, mirrors, wheels and tires, AC, suspension, airbags, seatbelts, traction control (you can learn more in our guide on what is traction control in a car), comfort features, and driver aids.

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With: #6. Exterior And Interior Colors

These include color name and code, paint code, and fabric type.

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With: #7. Safety

Safety equipment categories include the airbag, electronic stability control, traction control, brake assist, daytime running lights, etc. It is important to note that these specs do not always apply to all vehicle types because some car brands allow customization. However, any additional information will be in the VIN.

Vehicle Options By VIN

A VIN can give complete and accurate options any car comes with. It includes the vehicle history and is excellent for purchasing used cars. VIN is a serial code of 17 digits that you can find on the driver’s windshield, dashboard, or engine. It is also on the car insurance and title paperwork.

With the VIN, you can find out the options a car comes with. These options include the vehicle service history. Knowing the car’s options is essential, especially if you want to purchase it. 

The first ten numbers in a VIN is self decodable. The numbers embed a string of information about the vehicle.

  • The initial character is the vehicle’s country of origin.
  • The second and third characters represent the vehicle manufacturer and the division. 
  • Numbers and letters represent the vehicle description from the fourth to the eighth. It includes the model and car make. 
  • The ninth character is a security code. 
  • The tenth character is the car model year. 
  • The eleventh character represents the car plant manufacturing identification number. 
  • The last six characters are the car serial numbers (to learn more, check out our guide on do catalytic converters have serial numbers). 

Checking for a car’s history is vital, especially before buying it. While the dealership might provide a copy of the options and specs, investigating these yourself via VIN is best. Any VIN website will provide you with all information you need to see using the VIN.

The VIN history report will show the car insurance history, accidents, theft reports, title ownership history, and any liens available. It can also include repair work, loss claims, and car history. Checking a vehicle’s VIN options might save you from unforeseen circumstances.

How To Locate VIN Code In A Car

VIN is the DNA code of a car. It is a specific identifier like a person’s social security number. The VIN of a vehicle is always in a location that anyone can find. The most typical locations where you can find the VIN are (if you need to retrieve the code for radio Honda Accord 2008): 

  • The windshield, near the bottom.
  • The column between the passenger and driver’s door.
  • Under the hood. 
  • On the engine block. 

The VIN is always visible due to regulations. The accessibility of the code is to make it easy for the necessary authorities to find it in the event of a situation. the VIN is also on the car registration and title papers.

Information Inside VIN

VIN includes a lot of essential details about a car. A good VIN search will reveal almost everything about a car. That is why it is essential to have a VIN decoding before buying any vehicle. The information one can get from a car VIN includes the following: 

  • The vehicle specifications.
  • The vehicle ownership history. 
  • The car accident history. 
  • The car title (to determine if it is roadworthy). 
  • The car mileage. 
  • The car’s make and model. 

A good VIN car report will expose everything about the vehicle down to the insurance information and details. Ensure to do a VIN check before a secondhand car purchase.

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With

Methods For Checking Car Options With VIN

There are different methods to use while checking a car’s option via VIN. These methods include: 

1. Calling The Car Dealership/Manufacturer

The car dealership or manufacturer can provide the car options, but they will require the vehicle’s VIN for verification. The VIN will help them provide the exact and correct information about the vehicle. You can find the car VIN inside the car hood, by the car door or windshield, or on the door jamb and engine.

If you cannot find it on the car part, you can check the car registration certificate for the VIN. It is also on the car insurance and title certificate. Get your VIN, and call the dealership customer line with the VIN, and they will provide all you want.

2. Online Vehicle History Reports

Another method to learn about a car’s options is getting a car history report. They are some websites that provide car history report services. The website report contains vehicle data about the make, model, repair, insurance, sale, and ownership information.

There might be a stipend fee for the report. But, a VIN is a definite requirement. Ensure that the VIN is at hand, as it is the only way the website can give accurate information. The cost for the report is within the average price of $20 to $40. Some websites offer discounts and promos too.

Once you receive the reports, ensure that the car details are identical to your vehicle’s. You can also request details about aftermarket upgrades on the car.

3. VIN Decoding

The third method is to decode the VIN yourself. You can translate the VIN by identifying the meaning of the numbers and characters that make up the seventeen digits VIN. You can also input the code in an online decoder and get an email copy of the car details.

All car manufacturers have a website where one can decode the car’s VIN on. The websites are efficient and usually free. The website will detail the car trim level, transmission, and engine specifications. A website decoder will not include car sales or insurance and repairs. Only the make, model, specs, and trim.

The methods to get a car history report will depend on how fast and detailed one wants the report to be. Utilize any of these methods to ensure you know all about your vehicle or a vehicle you wish to purchase. It is not great to fly blind when getting a new car, especially a secondhand vehicle.

Why Is It Vital To Get A Car History Report

A car is an expensive investment, which is why it is relevant to know everything there is to know about a vehicle you want to buy or own. The reasons to get a car history report include the following: 

  • To find out all and any upgrades, especially engine-wise.
  • To find out the resale value of the vehicle. It is not enough to know the model of a car. Knowing the trim level helps in understanding the resale value of the vehicle
  • To determine if the car is stolen or has been in an accident. 
  • To find out the mileage and roadworthiness of the vehicle.
  • To determine if there are any aftermarket parts in the car and for law enforcement purposes.  

These are good enough reasons to check for a car history report. a VIN will give all information depending on how deep the search goes.

Make And Model Of Car

Most people often mistake the make and model of a car for the same thing, but they are very different. They both describe where a car comes from, but there is a clear distinction between the two words.

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With: #1. Car Make

A “car make” is the brand or name of the manufactures. It is the name of the company or brand that manufactures the vehicle. An instance is Honda Accord; Honda is the make of the car while Accord is the model.

The make is the manufacturer’s name. For example, Toyota is a “car make” with many models like the Camry, Tundra, 4Runner, and others.

Some car makes affiliate with a parent or umbrella company, like the Fiat Chrysler Automobile company. Fiat and Chrysler are a make of their own but are parent companies of Jeep and other brands.

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With: #2. Car Model

A car model is the name of the exact car made by a brand or manufacturer. For instance, “Honda Accord.” Accord is the model name of the vehicle. Car makes often have numerous model types, and these models are usually differentiated by using initials or numbers. For instance, BMW has the SUV model X series.

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With

It runs from X1 to X7. The same goes for sedans. Other car makes use of second names for naming their model series. Numerous factors distinguish a car model of the same model from another. These factors include the following: 

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With: #3. Body Design

Some car models may have different body design styles. This phenomenon is a regular occurrence in models like sedans, coupes, SUVs, wagons, convertibles, and hatchbacks. The vehicle’s body style is the exterior and mechanical specs.

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With: #4. Trim Level

Trim levels show the exterior and interior characteristics of a vehicle. Often trim levels are represented with initials like EX, S, L, etc., or names like in the Jeep Wrangler family.

But, the trim level is about the vehicle’s luxury tiers. It focuses on the car drivetrain performance, the suspension, and the transmission. More minor features like a sunroof, leather and heated seats might add to a trim level. The greater the trim level, the more luxurious the car model.

How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With: #5. Model Year

The model year of a car is significant because a lot could happen between one car model year till another year model. There might be considerable changes in the next model. It is essential to note the model year before purchasing a vehicle.

How To Determine A Car Make And Model

Check the car registration or title to find a car’s make and model. You can use the car VIN to determine the make and model if there is none. The car’s make and model are usually on the vehicle’s body close to the brand logo.

It is essential to know the make and model of a car before buying or selling a vehicle. It is also vital for insurance reasons. Some car models carry higher insurance rates and vice versa. Knowing the car’s make and model helps while repairing or maintaining too. A car model’s trim level can make a lot of difference.

FAQs On How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With

What Is The Make Of A Car

A car make is the brand or name of the manufacturer. It is the name of the company or brand that manufactures the vehicle. Example: The Honda Accord. Honda is the make of the car.

Where Is The VIN Number On A Car

You can find the VIN of a car at the driver’s door side, engine, dashboard, or registration document. The VIN is a set of characters that provide all information about a vehicle and its history.

What Does DMV Stand For

DMV stands for Department of Motor Vehicles. It is a state government agency that provides vehicle registration and licensing services. Sometimes the name might vary in different states, but the services they offer remain the same.

What Is A VIN Number

VIN is short for Vehicle Identification Number. It is a set of codes for a vehicle. The code provides all information about a car ranging from the make and model to the service history and insurance coverage. Each VIN is unique to one vehicle only and can be a tracking number for when a car is stolen.

What Engine Does My Car Have

One can find out the engine type of a car by checking the VIN. The eight characters in the set of numbers and letters contain the engine details of a vehicle. To decode the character, you can use a VIN website or decoder. You can also determine a car engine type by knowing the car’s make, model, and year. A search through the internet will provide the engine type. But, it is safer to use VIN.

How To Find VIN Number On Car

You can locate the VIN of a car at several places in the car. The dashboard by the driver’s side, the spare tire, the door jamb, the engine, and the registration certificate. The VIN is usually imprinted on these locations for easy accessibility.

How Long Is A VIN Number

A VIN is seventeen digits long. The digits are made up of both letters and numbers. It is a unique marker for a vehicle, meaning that no two cars can use one VIN.

What Is The Make And Model Of A Car

A make of a car is the brand or manufacturer name, while the model of a vehicle is the product name. For instance, Toyota Cruiser, Toyota is the make, and Cruiser is the model. A car model can have different series distinguished by the production year and the trim level.

How To Check If A Car Is Stolen For Free

You can check if a car is stolen for free by running the VIN through the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s website. The NICB collects stolen vehicle VIN and stores it in its database. If the car is stolen, it will indicate. Report any stolen car to the police to avoid prosecution.

How To Read A VIN Number

To read or decode a VIN, follow these guidelines. The first character shows the origin. The second shows the manufacturer. The third indicates the car division, the fourth to eighth sets represent the car features, the ninth is an authorization code, the tenth is the car model, the eleventh is the plant assembly point, and the last six characters are the vehicle serial numbers.

What Trim Is My Car

You can find out what trim your car is by checking the car VIN or the car manual. Some vehicles have a trim level indicator in the form of letters. It is usually on the end or side of the car.

What Is The Tag Number On A Car

The tag number of a car is a set of alphabet and numbers on a car license plate. Some people refer to it as a car registration tag number. Tag numbers differ from one state to another and can be of different lengths or even customized in the case of government cars.

How To Tell Year Of Car By VIN

You can tell the year of a car by VIN by checking the 10th character in the VIN. The 10th digit represents the car’s year. The 10th digit is a standard vehicle method built from 1981 and after.

How To Look Up A VIN Number

You can look up a VIN on any VIN decoding website. On the website, you input the VIN, which will supply all the car details and options. You can search for these websites on google by typing for free VIN hookups or decoders.

What Is A Body Style Of A Car

The car’s body style is the car’s design model shape. This shape includes the number of doors, the front, rear, and top shape, and the utilities of the vehicle. Some regular vehicle body styles include hatchbacks, minivans, sports cars, station wagons, and convertibles.

How To Tell If Vehicle Is 4WD By VIN

You can tell if your car is 4wd by decoding the VIN and checking the car specifications. The car specs will indicate that the vehicle is a 4wd. You can also check the car manual, call the dealership, or check the engine placement.

How To Check Car History Free

To check a car history for free, you can run the VIN through the NICB VIN Check website. The website will provide the car’s history, especially its security history. If you want the insurance history or repair history, you can use the VIN on the respective websites and check for whatever you want to know.

Conclusion On How Do I Find Out What Options My Car Was Ordered With

Whether you are purchasing or selling a vehicle, knowing the vehicle’s options is crucial. This knowledge will help you make the right choice and not run into surprises in the future.

Luckily there is a great and easy way to find out all options about a car, that is by using the car VIN. the VIN contains all information about a vehicle. It is safe to call it DNA, so if your question is how do I find out what options my car was ordered with? This article has done justice to your question.

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