GMC Bronco Look Alike – Finding The Bronco’s Long Lost Twin

GMC Bronco Look Alike – Finding The Bronco’s Long Lost Twin

Are you looking for an alternative to the Ford Bronco? More specifically a GMC Bronco look alike? Well, if that is the case, then you are at the right place because there will be a lot to cover when it comes to the alternative to the Ford Bronco.

Going after a Bronco nowadays is trendy. They sell like hot cakes on the second-hand market. People just adore the Bronco and want to get a hold of one for themselves.

And this desire to buy this SUV has made the cost to purchase a Bronco a bit out of touch. They are crazy expensive. Especially the models from the 60s and 70s. So, people want to see the alternatives. And frankly, there are a ton of alternatives to the Bronco. There was a similar body style made by Chevy, GMC, International Harvester, and Land Rover. But you shouldn’t worry because we are going to cover all of them.

But first, we are going to learn what is the Bronco and why it is so popular nowadays. Then we will discuss the Ford Bronco through the years and see more about the different generations. Then we will cover the GMC Bronco look alike. And also the other brands that offered similar vehicles. So, if you want to learn more, follow along.

What Is The Ford Bronco

Now before we start discussing more on the GMC Bronco look alike, let’s learn more about the Ford Bronco. There are a ton of people reading this article who are not into cars and do not even know what the Bronco is. So, this chapter is dedicated to them. If you want, you can jump to one of the next chapters. If not, keep up with us for a bit.

The Ford Bronco is a sport utility vehicle also known as SUV. This model was one of the first models that were released on the market in this segment.

This model’s success was attributed to the success of earlier designs. Such as the Land Rover Defender as well as the iconic Willy’s Jeep which later became the Wrangler.

A new segment in the market has opened and these vehicles became really popular. So, Ford decided to release their own version of the SUV and this is how the Bronco name became famous.

It was first introduced in 1966 and up till now, there are a total of six generations of this model. Each of them wears something special and this is why they are so desired.

When other carmakers saw the success of the Bronco, they decided to introduce their own models. So, there is a GMC Bronco look alike and also, Chevy Bronco look alike. But more on this we will cover later on. Now let’s discuss Bronco and its popularity.

Why The Bronco Is So Popular

Now before we dive into the GMC Bronco look alike, let’s cover another interesting topic and that is why the Ford Bronco is so popular. Why is this the case and this model has become a true legend in the car community? Let’s elaborate.

Well, this is the case because the Bronco is a really capable off-roader. This was attributed to its short wheelbase of only 92 inches.

This not only made the Bronco capable of driving off-road. But it was also really easy to drive around town.

Ford has marketed this model more as a four-wheel-drive sports car than as an SUV. And in order to support this claim, we can say that the Bronco was also a really capable racer.


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This model participated in the Mexican 1000 Rally. This rally was basically the early rally that was raced in Baja California in Mexico. Then this rally became famous as the Baja 1000.

Since then, this model has become popular among car enthusiasts who wanted something really capable in an off-road environment. This fan base kept growing through the years.

Even though, not till recently that Ford decided to introduce a new generation, the early models fell into obscurity. But as the new generation was introduced, this sparked some curiosity among people. And they become interested in purchasing an early Bronco for themselves. And prices for these early Broncos have skyrocketed.

Broncos from the 60s and 70s in mint condition cost a whole fortune nowadays, only if you could find one in good condition. Also, there are a ton of people who are doing a Ford Bronco restoration. But which is the GMC Bronco look alike? More on that we will cover in a bit.

Ford Bronco Through The Years

Another thing that we would like to cover before we learn more about the GMC Bronco look alike is the development of the Ford Bronco through the years.

We will cover briefly the first five generations of this model and we will learn what are their characteristics and which of them are the go-to for a ton of car enthusiasts. So, follow along.

60s Bronco

Noe before we dive into the GMC Bronco look alike, let’s dive into the first generation of the Bronco.

This early model was seen as Ford’s competitor to the Jeep CJ-5, Toyota Land Cruiser, and the International Harvester Scout. The model was developed as an off-road vehicle. Back in the day, the SUV abbreviation was not a thing.

This model was developed by the legendary product manager who conceived the Mustang. They built the first models out of clay in 1962 and in 1965 this was already a finished product.

The model was officially introduced to the market in 1966 and was produced until 1977 when it was replaced with a new model.

This model has a 92-inch wheelbase and a Dana 20 transfer case. In order to simplify things, Ford has built this model only with a four-wheel-drive option.

In terms of powertrain, the Bronco came with two inline-6 engines with 170cu and 200cu respectively, there were also two V8 engines that were 289cu and 302cu respectively.

And in terms of transmission, there were two transmissions available. A 3-speed automatic and a 3-speed manual.

The Bronco also came in three body styles. The first was a 3-door, a 2-door pickup, and a roadster without doors. The roadster was a purely utilitarian SUV developed only for people who want only the basic options. But what about the GMC Bronco look alike? More on that we are going to cover in a bit.

70s Bronco

The second generation of the Bronco was introduced in 1977 and was produced until 1979. This frankly is one of the shortest production runs of any Bronco model out there. But what about the GMC Bronco look alike? We will get there in a bit.

What is important about this generation of the Bronco, is that this model grew in size significantly in comparison to the first generation of the model. With a wheelbase of 104 inches, this made the new Bronco 12 inches longer between the two axles. And an overall length increase of 28 inches compared to the first generation.

So, this made this generation a full-size SUV. What is interesting about this new model is that it has a completely different chassis and also it is far more advanced than the previous gen. This increase in size was essential because Ford didn’t have competition for the Chevy K5 Blazer or the Dodge Ramcharger.

This increase in the size required an increase in engine displacement. So, bigger V8 engines with 351cu and 400cu of displacement were introduced. In terms of transmission, the new model cam with a 4-speed Borg-Warner T-18 manual and a 3-speed C6 automatic.

What the second generation kept was the layout. The new model only came with 3-doors and a removable lift-off hard top. But what about the GMC Bronco look alike? We will get to that in a bit.

80s Bronco

Now before we discuss the GMC Bronco look alike, let’s cover the third generation of this model. As we previously mentioned, the second generation was a little bit rushed out in order to compete with the Blazer and the Ramcharger.

But this model didn’t do any of this because there are a lot of concerns with this model. It was really heavy and the engines were not that fuel-efficient.

So, the truck had to be toned down a bit when it comes to weight, and also new smaller engines had to be introduced. And this generation of this model did precisely that.

The new Bronco was about 300lbs lighter than the predecessor. There were also smaller engines that were introduced. Namely one inline-6 engine with 300cu of displacement and three V8 engines with 302cu and 351cu of displacement.

The new model inherited the 4-speed manual by Borg-Warner. As well as the 3-speed C6 auto. But there were also two new 4-speed automatics introduced in order to improve the fuel economy and deliver a smoother drive.

Overall, the production of this model lasted about 6 years when it was introduced by the fourth generation of the Bronco. But what about the GMC Bronco look like? We will get to that in a bit after we cover all five generations of the Bronco.

90s Bronco

The 90s Bronco or as many people know it was the fourth generation of this model. But what about the GMC Bronco look alike? More on that in a bit.

What is important for this Bronco generation is that it was introduced in 1986 as a 1987 model year. This generation unlike the previous which was based on the Ranger. The new one was based on the eighth generation of the F-150 pickup truck.

This model was a big leap forward when it comes to design and overall looks. The new model had a much-improved road presence. In addition to this, the interior was also quite refreshed in comparison to the previous generation of this model.

Still, like many other Bronco models, this new generation has inherited the same 104-inch wheelbase as well as the 3-door layout.

In terms of engines, this new generation kept the inline-6 engine from the previous generation. As well as the 302 and 251cu V8 engines.

In terms of transmissions, there was still the 4-speed Borg manual, and the 3-speed C6 automatic. But what was new was the 5-speed M5OD-R2 manual. There were also two 4-speed automatics that were offered as well.

Another very useful feature that was introduced was the ABS system. The ABS system became the standard in 1987.

In addition to this, there were also special edition models. In order to commemorate the 25-anniversary model, they have released a Silver Anniversary Edition exclusive package which offered a choice of different interior colors as well as exterior graphics. But what about the GMC Bronco look alike? We will get to that in a bit after we cover the last generation of the Bronco.

Ford Bronco Discontinued

Now before we start discussing the GMC Bronco look alike, let’s cover the last generation of this model. Just to note, this is not the last generation. But it is the generation that was produced before the long discontinuation period of the Bronco.

This generation was introduced in 1991 and was produced from 1992 till 1996 when this model was axed by Ford.

This generation of the Bronco was based on the ninth generation of the F-150. But keeping the same proportions as the previous generation. The wheelbase was 104.7 inches.

But this generation saw a beg revamp in the interior of the model. The dashboard and instrument panel were heavily modified and a ton of other features were introduced.

More precisely, 4-wheel ABS system, instead of two-wheel ABS as previously. There were also other safety improvements. The front crumple zone was redesigned to meet modern safety standards. In addition to this, for the first time, there was an introduction of a driver’s side airbag, as well as three-point seatbelts for the rear passengers. This generation of the Bronco had a prime focus on safety.

In terms of powertrain, there was the same inline-6 300cu engine, as well as the 302 and 351cu V8 engines. Also, in the transmission department, there was a slight improvement. More precisely there were three transmissions. Two 4-speed automatics and a 5-speed manual.

Sadly though, this model was discontinued in 1996 and was replaced with the 4-door Ford Expedition. But in 2021, there was a new Bronco was introduced. But what about the GMC Bronco look alike? More on that we are going to cover next.

GMC Bronco Look Alike

Now let’s discuss more about the GMC Bronco look alike? Which was the GMC product that is very similar to the Bronco?

The GMC Bronco is the GMC Jimmy. The Jimmy was the competitor of the Bronco produced by General Motors.

This model was introduced four years after the Bronco in 1970. This model was based on the K5 Chevy Blazer and shared a lot of the componentry with the Blazer.

But these were two different vehicles. The Jimmy was sold as the competitor to the Bronco, while the Blazer was designed to target a different audience.

The production of the Jimmy spanned from 1970 till 1991, when it was replaced with the Yukon. Similarly to the case when the Bronco was ditched for the Ford Expedition. Simply, there was no market for these 2-door trucks anymore and they were replaced with bigger alternatives like the Expedition and Yukon.

What is interesting about the Jimmy was that this model came with the same wheelbase as the Bronco, which was 104 inches. But what was different was that this model came with a 2WD option. So, it really took a ton of customers from Ford.

In terms of engines, there were a couple of them two inline-six engines and two V8 engines. Spanning from 250cu to 350cu. In terms of transmissions, there was one 3-speed auto and two manuals. One 3-speed manual and another 4-speed manual.

Overall, the Jimmy sold well. And when looking for a GMC Bronco look alike, what in fact you need to look at is this specific model, GMC Jimmy. Now let’s move to the next chapter.

GMC Bronco Look Alike #1: Chevy Blazer VS Ford Bronco

Now since we learned which is the GMC Bronco look alike. Let’s discuss more the Chevy Blazer vs Ford Bronco.

These are some of the most popular models in this category of small 2-door SUVs. The Blazer might be delayed by three years, but it quickly started to outsell its rivals which were Ford and Dodge.

The specs we already covered. The K5 Blazer is basically a GMC Jimmy. The only difference between the two is the different badges and grilles. The Blazer is basically the Chevy Bronco version.

GMC Bronco Look Alike #2: Land Rover Defender VS Bronco

Now we know the GMC Bronco look alike, we can now move on to something really different. And that is the Land Rover Defender vs Bronco.

These are two interesting models that have a lot in common. Basically, the early Bronco is an inspiration for the Defender. More precisely the Land Rover Series I, II, and III. These were the early generations of the Defender.

GMC Bronco Look Alike

These vehicles started to appear in 1948. About 18 years prior to the Bronco. And they kept getting better and better and have created a whole market.

So, Ford decided to jump in, then Chevy, GMC, and Dodge followed. And these basically are the early inceptions of the SUV as we know it today.

Nevertheless, the Land Rover was and still is a serious off-roader that is used all over the world. And what is interesting is that both the Land Rover and the Bronco have become hot items in the past few years. And the early models sell for big money. So, finding a good deal can be really challenging nowadays.

GMC Bronco Look Alike #3: International Scout VS Bronco

Another cool model that is often compared with the Bronco is the International Scout II. This model is one of the GMC Bronco look alike and probably one of the coolest trucks that you can find on the used market.

What is cool about this truck is that it shares the same design language as the Bronco does. But it is a bit shorter. More precisely, it has a 100-inch wheelbase. 4 inches smaller.

This SUV was a project by a company for agricultural equipment known as International Harvester. They produced tractors, farming equipment, semi-trucks, and whatnot.

When it comes to looks the Scout II is probably close to the Bronco if not better. So, if you can snatch a good deal it will be awesome.

Classic SUV Alternatives: Facts You Need to Know

  • The Ford Bronco has been popular even before its recent remake, and its value is among the highest of classic SUVs. Restomod companies like Zero Labs and Gateway Broncos have contributed to this surge in popularity.
  • The Chevrolet K5 Blazer, a body-on-frame off-roader, was the Bronco’s biggest rival. While it was an equal in off-roading, it offered more luxurious features like A/C, power steering, and power-assisted brakes. The earliest models are approaching Bronco-level prices, while the 1973-1991 models are noticeably more affordable.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 60- and 70-Series, the original FJ40 Land Cruiser’s later models, are cheaper than the Bronco and offer more daily-drivable features like power windows and locks, power steering, and A/C. They also retain the boxy design of their FJ40 predecessor but with a more comfortable suspension. Both models are still capable off-roaders.
  • The Nissan Patrol is as capable as the Bronco, but its relative obscurity in the US means prices are fairly low. The earlier models, like the 60-Series Patrol, have a 2-speed transfer case and gearing low enough to climb hills at idle, while the 5th-gen 1997 Y61 models come with a 4.8-liter six-cylinder that offers massive tuning potential.
  • The Jeep Cherokee XJ and SJ have gained popularity, and the 1984-2001 XJ, in particular, is popular among Jeep and off-road fans. The SUVs are reliable and simple to work on, with easily replaced trim pieces, headlights, and taillights. The best examples rarely exceed $15,000-$20,000.
  • The Mitsubishi Montero, aka the Pajero, is one of the most successful Paris-Dakar racers, with 12 podium finishes from 1982-2009. It features advanced suspension, 4-wheel disc brakes, and ABS that works with the 4WD. Despite all this, prices remain fairly low, with most sold examples going for less than $10,000.

Conclusion To GMC Bronco Look Alike

In this article, we have covered quite a bit when it comes to the Ford Bronco. First, we learned what the Bronco is and why this model is so popular.

After we discussed the five old-school Bronco generations. We learned their main characteristics and specs. Then we covered the GMC Bronco look alike and we compared the Bronco with the Blazer, International Scout II, as well as the Land Rover Defender.

F.A.Q To GMC Bronco Look Alike

Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

What Is A Bronco

Bronco is a model that is offered by Ford. This is a 2-door SUV model. The model was introduced in 1966 and was discontinued in 1996. Then was reintroduced in 2021 when it made a big comeback.

What Was The First SUV

The first proper SUV was the Jeep Cherokee XJ from 1984. This model basically paved the way for what we know today as SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle. Since then, the SUV market basically flourished and is getting stronger day by day.

Are Ford Broncos Reliable

Yes, they are fairly reliable. They share a ton of components with other Ford models. So, when it comes to reliability, we can say that it is comparable to most of the Ford models sold here in the US.

Car That Looks Like A Jeep

There are many of these vehicles that resemble a Jeep. We will list some of them. The first one that comes to our mind is the Toyota FJ Cruiser, then the Land Rover Defender, Jeep Gladiator, Mercedes G-Class, and the Ford Bronco.

Is Ford Bronco A Good Car

Yes, they are fairly good models. Especially the older ones. If they were cared for during their ownership, they are probably still hard as a rock with minimum rust. Perfect for restorations. On the new models, there isn’t much feedback yet. So, we cannot make conclusions.

How Many Broncos Can Ford Build A Day

Since Ford has a lot of big factories, they could easily be making couple hundred cars a day. We couldn’t find the exact number. But on average, as some sources say, they are making about 10,000 cars a month.

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