Ford Fusion Won’t Start – Why Is This Happening To You?

Ford Fusion Won’t Start – Why Is This Happening To You?

Are you having starting problems with your Ford Fusion? You are probably scratching your head why your Ford Fusion won’t start. But you shouldn’t worry because in this article we are going to explain everything that could possibly go wrong and cause this problem for you.

Having to deal with issues like this is really frustrating. Imagine that you want to go to work early in the cold winter morning and the Fusion simply doesn’t want to start. You need to get an Uber or a taxi, you are so late and your boss is furious at you. This is a situation that nobody wants and needs and luckily for you, we are going to help you out.

When it comes to the Ford Fusion won’t start. It is quite useful to learn that there could be several reasons why this problem might happen to you. And trust me, there are plenty of them. But we are going to cover them all in this article. After reading this, you will have a better idea of where to find your problem based on the symptoms that you get. We will separate the problems with that specific symptom so you have a clearer understanding of the problem.

First, we will learn the basics of the Ford Fusion for those who don’t know what the Fusion is. Then we will dive into the reasons and solutions for this problem. This will greatly help you understand the problem and pinpoint it much sooner than usual. Lastly, we are going to cover the cost that is involved in tackling this issue quickly and effectively. So, let’s get into it.

Ford Fusion

Before we dive into why the Ford Fusion won’t start. Let’s first discuss some basics of this model. The Ford Fusion is a mid-size car produced by the Ford Motor Company from 2005 to 2020. This small sedan was one of the most popular options out there for people who wanted a small family sedan. And the Fusion delivered quite a bit of performance as well (speaking of, it might also be handy to learn more about the catalytic converter for the Ford Fusion).

There were two generations of the Fusion. The first generation was introduced in 2005 for the 2006 model and was in production until 2012 when it was replaced by the second generation which was produced from 2013 until 2020 when Ford decided to ditch the sedan production in the North American market.

The first generation was based on a Mazda platform and a lot of the components on this model were shared between Mazda and Ford like the platform itself on which the Fusion was built as well as engines, transmissions, and other important components that were crucial for the Fusion to run. This model was assembled in Sonora, Mexico.

The second generation of the Fusion was a completely new model that was borrowed from Ford Europe. In Europe, this model is still in production and is also known as the Ford Mondeo. Unlike the previous generation, this generation of the Fusion implements a Ford platform as well as Ford engines and transmissions (just be mindful of the 2014 Ford Fusion problems). The second generation was produced in Flat Rock, Michigan, and Sonora, Mexico.

But why my Ford Fusion won’t start? We are going to cover that in a bit where we will discuss the reasons why your Ford Fusion won’t start as well as the possible solutions for this annoying problem.

What Causes Car Not To Start

So, you are facing a problem with your Ford Fusion and the Ford Fusion won’t start. There should be probable reasons why this is happening to your Ford, right? Well, there are a lot of them.

Based on the symptoms that you get from the car, we will elaborate on the possible reasons and solutions for this problem. So, let’s get into it.

Ford Fusion Won’t Start Just Clicks

Now let’s discuss some of the reasons why your Ford Fusion won’t start and produces clicking sound or no sound at all. Remember that these reasons that are the most probable causes for the Ford Fusion won’t start. So, it is worth addressing them first and then we will cover the reasons why the engine cranks but doesn’t start.

Ford Fusion Won't Start

Ford Fusion Won’t Start, Causes #1. The Anti Theft Immobilizer Is Armed

The first and most probable reason why your Ford Fusion won’t start is because of the immobilizer. As you know that the immobilizer is an anti-theft device that is installed in your Ford Fusion that is designed to prevent thefts.

So, when this device is active the car will not be able to start. If you see a red blinking light means that the device is activated and is armed. A bad situation, to be honest. But what could cause this?

Well, this might be caused by a weak or dead key fob battery (which you need to figure out changing batteries in your key fob). Your transponder that is located in the key is not powered and the car will not register the key. Meaning that your Ford Fusion won’t start. The solution for this problem would be to install a new battery in your key and then give it a try again. If this isn’t the problem that is bothering you, move on to the next probable cause.

Ford Fusion Won’t Start, Causes #2. Bad Starter Solenoid

The bad starter solenoid is another probable cause why you would hear a clicking sound and your Ford Fusion won’t start to happen. So, why is this solenoid of this importance?

The solenoid helps spin the starter motor. This means that if the solenoid is bad, there will be no electricity sent to the starter motor and the engine will not want to start at all.

This solenoid is a common reason for headaches to many car owners and the only solution for this issue is to replace the starter solenoid with a new one. If you don’t replace it, you will never be able to start the engine.

So, if you hear click-click, the Ford Fusion won’t start. Checking the solenoid should be one of your top priorities. But there are also other reasons why you might face this clicking problem and we are going to cover them next.

Ford Fusion Won’t Start, Causes #3. Dead Battery

A dead battery can also cause Ford Fusion won’t start problem. The battery as we all know is the one that delivers juice to the starter solenoid and motor and helps spin the engine.

So, if there is no electricity in the battery, the engine won’t even crank. Another symptom that you will experience is the lights inside of the cabin will start to flicker and work unevenly. The radio will not want to turn on, or it will turn off in a matter of seconds.

The whole car will be confused and will not like this new way of work. So, when you hear a click-click and the Ford Fusion won’t start the battery would probably be one of the first things to blame on.

You can test the battery with a multimeter if you want to check if it holds power and the right voltage should be about 12V. If it’s something like 3V or less, then you probably have a dead battery, and the Ford Fusion won’t start with this battery.

Ford Fusion Won’t Start, Causes #4. Corroded Battery Cables

Another thing that could cause the Ford Fusion won’t start problem is because of bad battery cables. The battery cables are the ones that go from the battery to the engine starter.

So, if these cables are bad and don’t have contact. This means that the engine will not be able to start at all.

So, whenever you have this Ford Fusion won’t start problem. It is often advised to check the condition of the cables and inspect them for corrosion. If they are corroded, it is advised to get a metal brush and clean the terminals as well as the clamps of the cables and make sure that there is well enough contact.

After cleaning the contacts, make sure that you connect them well and crank the car. If the Ford Fusion won’t start problem still persists, then you need to move on to the next probability.

Ford Fusion Won’t Start, Causes #5. Bad Fuse Because Of Wiring Short

Another very probable cause of the Ford Fusion won’t start problem would be that you have a bad fuse in the fuse box.

As you know, each car has fuse boxes that regulate everything on the car. So, whenever there is a short in the wiring the fuse will blow instead of your car burning to the ground. It’s far more convenient to replace a fuse than to replace the whole car.

That’s why whenever you have a Ford Fusion won’t start problem. It is often advised that you pop off the fuse cover and see which of the fuses are in charge of the ignition of the vehicle. Knowing which of them is in charge of the ignition will help you find the problem much quicker since you will not have to check every fuse one by one.

If you find a fuse that was burnt, then this would probably be the root of your problem. If you have a spare fuse replace it. Just make sure that you find the fuse you need for this application since there are different types of fuses.

The best thing would be to grab the fuse and head up to your local Autozone or O’Reily’s and get the exact one. Then replace the burnt fuse with the new one. Cross your fingers and how that the Ford Fusion won’t start problem is sorted. If it’s sorted then awesome. If not move on to the next probable cause.

Ford Fusion Won’t Start, Causes #6. Bad PCM Module

Another thing that could go bad and cause the Ford Fusion won’t start problem is the PCM module. This is the powertrain control module. This means that this small computer is in charge of the powertrain and everything that happens with the powertrain.

So, sometimes this module goes bad and causes a number of issues. The most notable problem will be the Ford Fusion won’t start situation. The Fusion will simply refuse to start since the brain of the car that is in charge of the starting process is fried.

Sadly, there are not a lot of options when it comes to fixing this problem except for replacing the PCM unit. The only way to check if it’s faulty is to bench test it or to replace it with a good PCM and see if this solves the problem.

That’s why, if this is the problem. You might want to go to the official Ford mechanic that has these modules and allow them to try to troubleshoot the problem. If the new module solves the Ford Fusion won’t start problem. Then you are good to go and you will be able to start your Ford Fusion.

Sadly, though, it is quite expensive to replace this PCM module, and is not one of the cheapest repairs that you can get out there.

Ford Fusion Won’t Start, Causes #7. Flooded And Engine Locked

And the last probable reason why the Ford Fusion won’t start and won’t like to crank is that if the car was flooded. Yep, that’s right.

If the car was submerged underwater and there was water that was sucked into the engine. The engine will be highly unlikely to start and the car move. When you will put the key into the ignition you will be able to see the lights and all that but whenever you try to crank the car, only a small click will be heard.

When this click sound is happening means that the engine was hydro-locked. But remember this only happens when the engine is submerged underwater. If it was not underwater, then it’s probably some of the things that we mentioned above. More precisely the starter motor and the solenoid.

So, you should look at the problem there. But if the car was submerged underwater, then the engine can be saved if it is opened on time and cleaned thoroughly from the water. There is still about a 40% chance of saving an engine after flooding. If not, you will have to get a new engine. This will for sure fix the Ford Fusion won’t start problem. Now let’s move what could make your car not start if it cranks.

Ford Fusion Cranks But Won’t Start

We have covered the possible reasons why the Ford Fusion won’t start if it doesn’t want to crank. Now let’s see the possible reasons why the Ford Fusion won’t start if the engine cranks. Since there are quite a lot of things that can cause this situation as well. So, let’s get into it.

Ford Fusion Won’t Start, Causes #8. Bad Camshaft Positioning Sensor

The number one reason why the Ford Fusion won’t start if the engine cranks is a bad camshaft positioning sensor also known as a speed sensor.

This sensor is observing the camshaft and allows the engine to start. So, there are situations when this sensor is failing and the engine will continuously crank but will be unable to start.

Or will start after a lot of cranking. Which is no good since you can kill the battery too quickly. Whenever the Ford Fusion won’t start and it cranks a lot. This sensor should be your primary suspect. The only way around this would be to replace the sensor.

Ford Fusion Won’t Start, Causes #9. Ignition Coils Are Not Working Or Removed

The second thing that could make the Ford Fusion won’t start problem and the engine keep cranking would be the ignition coils. The ignition coils are the ones that deliver electric current to the spark plugs.

So, whenever one or more of these coils is not working right, you might have a problem starting the engine. The engine will love to crank but there will be no power transferred so no ignition could happen inside of the cylinders.

The only way around this would be to diagnose the problem with an OBD2 scanner and replace the coil that is not working with a new one. This will sort out the problem quickly and effectively. The only downside would be that these coils are rather expensive and can cost a few hundred dollars to purchase.

Ford Fusion Won’t Start, Causes #10. Worn Spark Plugs

Another thing that could make your Ford Fusion won’t start is fouled or worn-out spark plugs. Spark plugs have a limited age and they will be good for 100,000 miles. But sometimes when they reach the end of their lifetime, they will face a problem like this one when the car will not want to start although it is cranking and is desperately trying to start.

Sometimes even basic things like these are the root of the problem and will make the car not start. So, they are one of the prime suspects when it comes to this Ford Fusion won’t start problem

Ford Fusion Won’t Start, Causes #11. No Fuel In The Tank

Another very simple reason why the Ford Fusion won’t start problem can occur. If there is no fuel in the gas tank the car will simply not want to start.

That’s why it is useful to remind yourself when was the last time you poured fuel in the tank and also see if you have the gas light flashing on the cluster.

If this is the case and you forgot to pour fuel into the tank, go ahead and visit your nearest gas station and pour some gas into your tank. A couple of gallons will do the trick just right and you will be able to take your car to the gas station with no problem. As you can see, something really simple like this can ruin your day. And cause you a Ford Fusion won’t start problem.

Ford Fusion Won’t Start, Causes #12. The Fuel Pump Is Broken

And the last probable cause that is causing the Ford Fusion won’t start problem is the bad fuel pump. As you know the fuel pump is the one that is pumping fuel inside of the fuel lines and into your engine. It is located in the gas tank and this unit knows to break and make the car not start.

And unfortunately, they are rather expensive pieces of equipment and can cost a few hundred dollars to replace. When you have this problem, you will experience similar symptoms in your car like when you are left without fuel. The car will simply crank but won’t start. So, making sure that this is not the problem is crucial, but this can only be done with proper diagnostics.

Causes #13. Clogged Fuel Filter

A clogged fuel filter can be a silent culprit behind a Ford Fusion’s reluctance to start. The fuel filter ensures only clean gasoline reaches the engine. Over time, it can become clogged with particles and debris. When this happens, it restricts fuel flow, preventing the engine from starting.

It’s vital to change the fuel filter according to Ford’s recommended service intervals. If your car cranks but doesn’t start, and you’ve ruled out other fuel-related issues, consider checking the fuel filter.

Causes #14. Faulty Ignition Switch

We often emphasize the role of the battery, starter, and ignition coils, but we might overlook the ignition switch itself. If this switch fails, turning the key might not send the necessary electrical signal to start the engine.

Signs of a failing ignition switch include stalling, power fluctuations, or issues turning the key. If you encounter these symptoms, inspect the ignition switch and consider its replacement.

Causes #15. Malfunctioning Neutral Safety Switch

The neutral safety switch, commonly found in cars with automatic transmissions, ensures the car only starts in Park or Neutral. If it malfunctions, your Fusion might think it’s in Drive or Reverse, preventing it from starting.

If your Fusion refuses to start in Park, try shifting to Neutral. If it starts, your neutral safety switch might be the problem.

Causes #16. Faulty Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF)

The Mass Airflow Sensor measures the amount of air entering the engine, which is crucial for the correct air-fuel mixture. A faulty MAF can prevent the engine from starting because it can’t determine the right fuel-air mix. Regular cleaning and timely replacement of the MAF can prevent this issue.

Causes #17. Broken Timing Belt

The timing belt synchronizes the movement of the engine’s camshaft and crankshaft. If it breaks, the engine can’t run. While a broken timing belt is a more severe and rare issue, if you’ve explored other potential causes and still haven’t pinpointed the problem, it’s worth considering. Especially if your car has racked up significant mileage without a timing belt change.

Causes #18. Failing Crankshaft Position Sensor

While we’ve touched on the camshaft sensor, the crankshaft position sensor is equally important. This sensor monitors the crankshaft’s position and speed. If it malfunctions, the engine’s control module can’t determine the correct firing order, preventing the car from starting. A failing sensor might also cause intermittent stalling.

Causes #19. Bad Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors, as the name suggests, inject fuel into the engine. If they malfunction, the right amount of fuel won’t reach the engine, making it hard or impossible to start. Regular maintenance can prevent clogging or failure of these injectors.

Causes #20. Issues with the Transmission Range Sensor

Similar to the neutral safety switch, the transmission range sensor communicates the gear position to the engine’s control module. If this sensor malfunctions, it might incorrectly indicate the car is in a gear other than Park or Neutral, stopping the engine from starting. If you plug in an OBD code, you might also notice a P0705 code.

Cost To Fix This Problem

The cost to fix the Ford Fusion won’t start problem can depend much on the problem itself. If for example, the problem is a dead battery, you can expect to pay about $100 for a new battery and call it a day. If it’s a fuse you can pay $1 only for the fuse, if you need to clean the corrosion of the battery terminals then this will be free.

But if you have to do some complex repairs like replacing a PCM, replacing a fuel pump, starter solenoid. You can expect to pay a lot more money for these components. This is the case because they are rather expensive to get in the first place.

Ford Fusion Won't Start

And not forget the labor that is involved in this work. That can also cost a few hundred dollars as well. In the worst case, you could end up paying up to $1,000 to get this Ford Fusion won’t start problem sorted out properly. So, you need to be prepared when it comes to performing these repairs and know how much money it could cost to get them sorted out. We understand that this problem is frustrating. But it is what it is and it has to be sorted out if you want to continue driving your Fusion.

Facts: Troubleshooting Starting Problems

  1. The Ford Fusion may not start due to issues with the battery, alternator, or starter, among other things.
  2. Symptoms associated with starting issues in the Ford Fusion can help pinpoint the underlying problem.
  3. Clicking noises when attempting to start the Ford Fusion is often due to an electrical issue, possibly with the battery or its connections.
  4. Cranking but not starting issues are typically caused by engine-related issues, such as problems with the fuel system, ignition coil, or security system.
  5. Anti-theft messages appearing on the dashboard of a Ford Fusion that won’t start are often due to programming issues, and the solution is to have the ignition switch reset.
  6. When a Ford Fusion won’t start after getting gas, the fuel pump is often the culprit, and a new fuel pump will need to be installed. Make sure you’re also wary of how much is a fuel pump.
  7. A dead battery or bad connections can cause a Ford Fusion not to start, and the vehicle may not have any lights.
  8. In cold weather, Ford Fusion starting issues may be caused by thickened engine oil or frozen fuel lines, and the best solution is to keep the vehicle’s temperature above a certain level and use fuel additives.
  9. A Ford Fusion that won’t start and displays a “No key detected” message is often due to a bad key fob battery, which can be replaced or recharged.
  10. If the cost of repairing a Ford Fusion’s starting problem is too high, selling the vehicle may be a more economical option.

In Conclusion…

In this article, we have covered quite a bit when it comes to the Ford Fusion won’t start problem. We first learned what is the Ford Fusion and the basics of this model for those who don’t know.

Then we focused on solving the problem of Ford Fusion won’t start. We learned the reasons why the car will not want to crank and not start. And the reasons why the car cranks but doesn’t start. There are many reasons. And based on the symptoms that you get, you need to estimate what could go wrong.

If you can’t, you can take your car to a mechanic’s shop and let them sort it out. And you will resume driving your car in no time.

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