Code 82 Chevy Sonic: What Does This Error Code Mean?

Code 82 Chevy Sonic: What Does This Error Code Mean?

As a car owner, an error code on your dashboard will always be frustrating, no matter the situation. If you drive a Chevy Sonic, one of the common error codes you will always get is the error code 82; this error code is prevalent with the Chevy Sonic from 2012 and 2013.

Error code 82 displaying your Chevy Sonic dashboard indicates you need to replace the oil in your car, and the current oil level remains at 5%. Not paying attention to the error code 82 can result in severe engine problems. The error code 82 can also come up if the workshop does not reset the oil life meter. The best way to fix this issue is to change the oil in your car. 

Whichever shop helps you to change the oil should also help you reset the code. If you want to change the oil, ensure you get the appropriate oil and add the required amount.

Code 82 Chevy Spark

If you drive the Chevy Spark and get the Code 82 error signal, you may freak out a little, especially if you don’t know what it means. What does it mean, what are the causes, and how can you fix them? Code 82 on your Chevy Spark indicates that it’s time to change your oil.

Code 82 Chevy Sonic

It’s just a notification code that your oil is about to finish, and you should replace it very soon; it’s not a high-alert notification.

Regular oil change on your car prevents engine issues and enables your vehicle to function at the highest level. As you use your car regularly, the oil in your vehicle begins to get remnant from some parts of your engine as it lubricates them.

The oil passes through the oil filter into different parts of the car, and with time, the filter will get clogged and begin to malfunction, and the oil will also lose its lubricating effect. If you continue using that old oil with the clogged filter, your engine may get damaged.

The code 82 sign comes up to ensure you get the notification earlier so that you can do something about it before your engine begins to malfunction. Once this code comes up, pull over and replace your oil immediately; if you don’t have access to oil immediately, you can wait till you get to a fuel station but make sure you replace the oil soon.

Change the oil and reset the code; the notification will go off on your dashboard.

How To Reset Chevy Spark Code 82

If you want to reset the code 82 on your Chevy Spark and you don’t know how to go about it, below are the simple steps you should follow;

  • Insert your key into the ignition and turn it to the ON position.
  • Press the Menu button until you see the “oil life” notification, followed by “reset.”
  • The oil life number will be displayed from one to five; whatever number you see indicates your vehicle’s oil life.
  • Finally, press the Set/CLR until the oil number displayed on your dashboard goes back to 100%.

Code 82 Chevy Sonic

Steps To Avoid Symptoms Of Code 82

The primary cause of Code 82 is bad or low oil in the Chevy Spark engine; it generally affects the engine’s performance. You can delay the symptoms of code 82 by;

  • Use the appropriate oil for your car.
  • Ensure you cover the oil reservoir well so that dirt won’t mix with the oil.
  • Lubricate the engine and clean its accessories to avoid contamination. 

Code 82 Chevy Sonic

If you are new to the Chevy Sonic and a Code 82 displays on your dashboard while driving, you may not know what it means or what to do next. Code 82 on your Chevy Sonic indicates that your oil is getting low with less threshold, and you need to replace it as soon as possible. This code will most likely come up if you or the mechanic forgets to reset the oil life meter.

When you see this code on your dashboard, the next thing to do is replace your oil and reset the oil change light (and learn how to reset the oil light and how to reset oil life). To reset code 82, you need to be familiar with the Chevy Sonic model year you are using, and you will most likely need two menu interfaces. You can use the dedicated menu keys to complete the task if you have an old Chevy Sonic.

With the newer Chevy Sonic, you can reset the code 82 using the turn signal stalk.

Reset Code 82

To reset cold 82 on your Chevy Sonic is simple. The code 82 notification showed up because there was low oil or the oil in your engine needed a replacement. All you have to do is replace the oil in the engine with a new one. Here is the process;

  • Step 1: Park and open your car’s hood.
  • Step 2: Locate the oil tank, usually a box-type section with a brand logo.
  • Step 3: Open the tank cover to drain out the old oil easily.
  • Step 4: Change the location of the oil filter or remove it entirely with a 24mm socket.
  • Step 5: Use a jack to raise the underneath of your car, lay under it, and locate the oil drain plug under the engine.
  • Step 6: Get a container to reserve the old oil, put the oil drain plug inside the container, and wait a few minutes for all the oil to flow out.
  • Step 7: Once you have gotten the oil out, install the plug back and tighten it.
  • Step 8: Your work under the car is done, come out, get a funnel, and put it on the oil tank.
  • Step 9: Pour the new oil inside the tank and make sure it’s up to 4.8 quarts. Then cover the tank.

Code 82 Chevy Sonic

Once you change the oil, the code will still be on your dashboard because the car system didn’t know you had added new oil. Below is how to remove the code from the dashboard;

How To Remove The Code From The Dashboard

  • Step 1: Put the engine in the parking position.
  • Step 2: Insert the key inside the ignition and start the engine, the code will still be on the dashboard, and the oil percentage will still be zero.
  • Step 3: Click the menu button until it gets to “oil life”.
  • Step 4: Long-press the Set/CLR button, and you will hear a beep sound from the engine. Keep clicking until the oil percentage reaches 100%.

Code 52 Chevy Sonic

If you use the Chevy Sonic and your car dashboard displays Code 52, it’s a maintenance notification telling you to change your car’s timing belt. When your timing belt is damaged, the timing of the engine becomes very difficult, and it may cause your engine to break down. Once you get the Code 52 notification, opt to change your timing belt as soon as possible.

Your timing belt monitors how the gears switch accurately; engine failure is imminent once it breaks. Once you get the code 52 maintenance notification, change your timing belt. This code appears the same in Chevy Sonic 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2018 and will most likely come on after your car has surpassed 100,000 miles.

Once your Chevy Sonic exceeds this mileage milestone, it will begin to show severe damage, which means you need to service your car and change the timing belt.

Signs Of Code 52 On Chevy Sonic

The timing belt is an essential part of your car that monitors how the valves, pistons, camshaft, water pump, crankshaft, and injection pump function. As you use your car regularly, you need to replace the timing belt occasionally, and below are the signs of Code 52 to look out for;

Display On The Dashboard

The easiest way to get the sign of Code 52 is to check the panel on your car’s dashboard. The dashboard displays different codes, and 52 is one of them.

Mileage Above Limit

When your Chevy Sonic has run above the required mileage, it’s a sign of code 52, and you need to replace your timing belt. The mileage your Chevy Sonic can run is between 80,000 to 100,000 miles; once it’s above that, it’s a sign that you need to replace your timing belt.

How To Reset Code 52

Whenever you get the Code 52 on your Chevy Sonic, you need to contact a mechanic to help you replace the timing belt. Once you are done replacing the belt, then you can go on to reset the code. To reset the code, follow these steps;

  1.  Park your car, turn off the engine, and let the engine cool down; working on a hot engine can injure you.  Locate the fuse block; you will find it under the dashboard close to the steering wheel.
  2.  Once you have located the fuse box, remove the cover so that you can get access to the entire fuse layout. You will then find several tiny fuses in different colors; they will also contain number labeling. Now detach fuse numbers #14, #17, and #25. Some Chevy Sonic may not have the #17; in cars like this, remove fuses #14 and #25.
  3.  Once you have removed the fuses, wait for about 5 minutes, and replace those old fuses with new ones just the way they were there before.

Code 84 Chevy Sonic

Using a Chevy Sonic and the Code 84 displays on your dashboard means your car engine power has been reduced. It is a warning notification code for powertrain failure. There are several causes of reduced engine power or powertrain failure; they include;

  • Bad throttle body
  • Faulty fuel filter
  • Faulty air filter
  • Malfunctioning ECU
  • Faulty sensors

Repair or replace every faulty part to fix this issue, and your engine will begin functioning at the required level.

Chevy Sonic Oil Type

Using the right oil for your Chevy Sonic will improve the functionality of your engine. Which oil should you use? Chevy Sonic has first and second generations; they use 1.4L I4 and 1.8L I4 engines, respectively. Both engines use the same oil; Penzoil Platinum motor oil or ACDelco Dexos1 5W-30 engine oil.

The oils mentioned above fulfill Dexos1 specifications. The two oils have SAE 5W-30 viscosity levels; if you live in a cold environment with a temperature below 29°C, you can use any oil with a 0W-20 viscosity level.

Chevy Sonic Error Codes

Every car, including Chevy Sonic, has a set of codes it displays when it’s time for repair, fixing, or replacement in your car. Below are the error codes for Chevy Sonic.

  • Code 2 – Comes on when your system can’t detect any remote
  • Code 3 – Indicates that it’s time to top up your engine coolant
  • Code 4 – A/C is not functioning because of the high engine temperature
  • Code 5 – The steering column is locked
  • Code 6 – Park brake
  • Code 7 – Turn the steering wheel
  • Code 9 – Restart your car to turn the steering wheel
  • Code 10 – Brakes overheated
  • Code 11 – Brakes Worn
  • Code 12 – Vehicle overheated
  • Code 13 – Compressor overheated
  • Code 15 – Notification to check high-mounted brake lamp
  • Code 16 – Notification to check brake lamps
  • Code 17 – A warning sign that your headlamp leveling is malfunctioning
  • Code 18 – Notification for left low beam failure
  • Code 19 – Notification that it’s time for you to check the rear fog lamp
  • Code 20 – Notification to check right low beam lamp
  • Code 21 – Notification to check left position lamp
  • Code 22 – Notification to check the right position lamp
  • Code 23 – Reversing lamp failure
  • Code 24 – Notification for license plate lamp failure
  • Code 25 – Notification to check the left front turn signal lamp
  • Code 26 – Left rear turn indicator failure
  • Code 27 – Notification to check right front turn signal lamp
  • Code 28 – Check the right rear turn signal lamp
  • Code 35 – Notification that you should change the battery in the remote key
  • Code 36 – StabiliTrak/Electronic Stability Control ESC Initializing
  • Code 49 – Lane departure warning unavailable

More Chevy Sonic Error Codes

  • Code 52 – Notification to change the timing belt
  • Code 53 – Notification to tighten the gas cap
  • Code 56 – Pressure imbalance front
  • Code 57 – Pressure imbalance rear
  • Code 59 – Open and close the driver’s window
  • Code 60 – Open and close the passenger window
  • Code 61 – Open and close the left rear window
  • Code 62 – Open and close the right rear window
  • Code 65 – Notification of theft attempt
  • Code 66 – Notification of service theft alarm
  • Code 67 – Service steering column lock
  • Code 68 – Service power steering notification
  • Code 70 – Service leveling system
  • Code 75 – Service AC system
  • Code 77 – Service front camera system
  • Code 78 – Service pedestrian protection
  • Code 79 – Notification for low engine oil. Fix this by topping up your oil
  • Code 81 – Service transmission notification
  • Code 82 – Notification to change engine oil
  • Code 84 – Engine power is reduced notification
  • Code 88 – Notification to use transmitter pocket to start
  • Code 89 – Notification that you should service your car engine soon
  • Code 91 – No remote detected
  • Code 92 – Notification to restart your car because it can’t detect a remote
  • Code 93 – Press the button again to switch off your engine
  • Code 94 – Shift to park
  • Code 95 – Service airbag
  • Code 99 – Pedestrian protection system disabled
  • Code 120 – Reduce speed for better control
  • Code 136 – Notification for service park assist
  • Code 145 – Notification for low washer fluid
  • Code 151 – Press clutch to start
  • Code 174 – Low battery notification
  • Code 258 – Park assist off

Code 35 Chevy Sonic

Code 35 on your Chevy Sonic dashboard indicates that you need to change the battery inside your remote key. It suggests that the battery inside your remote key is low, and it’s time to replace it so that it can initiate better control.

Code 89 Chevy Sonic

If you get the code 89 notification on your Chevy Sonic, it indicates an issue with your car’s cooling system. This error code comes up when debris blocks the thermostat that regulates the year’s car temperature. To fix this issue, you can either clean out the thermostat or get a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Chevy Sonics Good Cars

Chevy Sonics are good subcompact cars; it comes with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, making it an excellent choice to upgrade to a better, quicker, more fuel-efficient 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The six-speed transmission is not bad, and the handling and brakes are pretty impressive. Chevy Sonics offers an excellent ride, it has a big trunk, and the exterior view is beautiful.

How Much Is A 2013 Chevy Sonic Worth

You can get a 2013 Chevy Sonic for between $2,288 and $9,735, based on concurrent market data.

Where Is The Chevy Sonic Built

Chevy Sonics are built in different parts of the world at various GM plants. The Chevy Sonic was assembled in the USA in the Orion Assembly Plant in Orion Township, Michigan, USA. There are other locations, and they include Ramos Arizpe, Mexico. Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, South Korea, and Yantai, Shandong Province, China.

How Many Miles Will A Chevy Sonic Last

A Chevy Sonic can travel up to 200,000 miles, approximately 10-20 years. You can enjoy your car more than this mileage if you use and maintain it properly.

What Does Code 82 Mean On A 2013 Chevy Sonic

If you get the Code 82 notification on your 2013 Chevy Sonic dashboard, it means the oil in your car only has 5% left, and it’s time to replace it. The code can also come up when you or the workshop forgets to reset your oil life meter. When you get Code 82, replace the oil as soon as possible to avoid severe engine problems.

What Does Code 82 Mean On A 2012 Chevy Sonic

If you drive a 2012 Chevy Sonic and you see the code 82 on your dashboard, it’s a notification that the oil in your car is about to finish and you need to replace it as soon as possible. Failure to change the oil may cause engine damage.

Where Is The Chevy Spark Built

The Chevy Spark is built in South Korea at the GM Changwon Factory.

How Much Is A 2013 Chevy Spark Worth

If you want the 2013 Chevy Spark, you can get it within the price range of between $2,844 to $10,186.

Are Chevy Sparks Good Cars

Chevy Sparks are good and reliable cars with a reliability score of 4 out of 5. Maintaining Chevy Sparks is not expensive, and the annual repair cost is $434. They don’t break down frequently, so you won’t spend too much on repairing or replacing their parts.

How Many Miles Can A Chevy Spark Travel

A Chevy Spark can last up to 150,000 miles or more if you use, maintain and service it frequently.

What Does Code 52 Mean On A 2013 Chevy Sonic

If you drive a 2013 Chevy Sonic and get the code 52 notification on your dashboard, it’s time to replace your timing belt. It’s a notification that your timing belt is worn out and needs a replacement as soon as possible. Failure to replace the belt will make it difficult for your car to switch gears.

What Does Code 84 Mean On The 2013 Chevy Sonic

If your 2013 Chevy Sonic displays code 84 on its dashboard, it’s a notification that your engine power has been reduced. Reduced engine power can result from a bad throttle body, faulty air, and fuel filter, malfunctioning ECU, etc.

What Is The Oil Capacity Of A Chevy Sonic

Oil capacity depends on the amount of oil your Chevy Sonic needs to function perfectly. If your car uses the 1.4L I4 engine, it requires up to 4.2 quarts of oil. If your Chevy uses the 1.8L I4 engine, it will function perfectly with 4.8 quarts of oil.

What Oil Percentage Is Too Low For Chevy Spark And Sonic

As long as the oil life of your Chevy Sonic and Spark remains 5%, you should top it up or replace it. Once it reaches this level, take the necessary step and don’t wait till it gets to 0%.


Every car has a way of notifying users when it’s time to make repairs, replacements, or adjustments in the system. Code 82 on a Chevy Sonic is a notification that you need to replace the oil In your car to avoid severe engine problems.

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