Chevy Truck Bed Dimensions Chart: All You Need To Know

Chevy Truck Bed Dimensions Chart: All You Need To Know

If you are a pick-up truck enthusiast, a Chevy truck bed dimensions chart is something you will definitely be interested in. Bed dimensions are extremely important to someone who lives in the country, needs 4×4 on a regular basis, and needs to haul stuff around.

Hence if you are the type of person who likes to haul around a truck bed camper for hunting, family camping, etc, you need to educate yourself about the different truck bed dimensions available in the market. These are all great reasons to get to know more about the Chevy truck bed dimensions chart.

The first thing you need to consider while shopping for a truck is to know your driving style. Depending upon the products you’re looking for, this is an extremely important piece of information. There are 4 main styles of truck beds available for cabs out there.

Truck Bed Sizes

Chevy Truck Bed Dimensions Chart

When you’re in the market for a pick-up truck. There are several different things you need to consider before getting the right truck bed.

Here are the different types of beds available that might help you make an informed decision.

Extra-Short Bed

An extra short truck bed is something that all pick-up truck enthusiasts frown upon. This is because they are way too short and barely get any work done. Extra short beds are the butt of the joke in the truck community but they are extremely practical. They give better gas mileage and they have the same offroad capabilities as other trucks.

Usually, the extra short beds are 3.5 to 5 feet long. These extra small beds can be found in the Chevy truck bed dimensions chart and are still chosen by a lot of people in the market for a truck. Extra short truck beds usually are suitable for people who want to haul smaller than the usual stuff, or might want a slide-in camper bed in the back. Extra short beds can also handle a motorcycle in the back.

Short Bed Truck

The short beds are longer than the extra-short beds but still are not long enough for a proper work truck. They are usually 5 to six feet long and are found in modern mid-sized pickup trucks. They are found in different trucks like the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Pathfinder, Chevrolet Colorado, Ford Ranger, and Honda Ridgeline.

Usually, you will see that this type of bed size is paired with a full-length cabin, also known as a “crew cab” or “extra cab”. The name usually depends upon the manufacturer as they all have different terminology.

Aside from all of this, the design of this type of pickup truck, you will have four doors in your cab for the passengers. You do not have to deal with half doors like a suicide door which is present in models with a larger bed.

The short bed is the most used out of all the truck bed sizes as you could do quite a lot of things with a 5 to 6-foot bed. It is good for someone who is adventurous and spends a long time outdoors. You can throw your camping gear, snowboards, recovery gear, etc. Even after so many things, your truck is comfortable and the 5 seats can fit your whole family without an issue.

Standard Bed

The size of the standard beds is not very different from the short bed truck. They are usually about 6 to 6.5 feet long. It is because of the long bed at the back of your truck that the cabin is a bit smaller.

This type of pickup truck is accompanied by a crew cab, a normal size door, and half a door. The half door is usually a “suicide door”. You can also get a standard size bed with a standard size cab with only two doors as well. It comes with a shorter wheelbase and is preferred by many enthusiasts for off-roading.

Chevy Truck Bed Dimensions Chart

With a full-size truck like the Ford F150, the Chevy Silverado, the Dodge Ram, or the Toyota Tundra, the standard bed size is always accompanied by a standard or a full-size cabin. They have an extremely long wheelbase.

Generally, a standard size bed is used by people who have several things he/she needs to carry. It is also good for people who want a big camper in the back or someone who wants a huge slider in a camper tent in the back.

We believe a standard bed is the right size for a pickup truck. If you’re going to use it on weekends for different activities outdoor and do not want a truck that is too long, this is the buy for you. Trucks of this size are perfect and can be used as a daily driver as well as the “fun vehicle” of your house.

Long Bed

A long-bed pick-up truck, as the name suggests, has the longest bed out of all the options available. They are normally 8 feet long which is massive. This type of truck is usually used by people who need pickup trucks for work. You can usually find this bed length in the F150, F250, F350, Chevy 2500, some Dodge trucks, and many others.

Lond bed pickup trucks are perfect for contractors simply because they have to carry products that are extremely long. Whether it’s piping, sheets of plywood, glass, drywall, etc. It gets extremely easy for contractors to carry the stuff needed to build houses or fix up the communities people live in.

There are several people that believe that the only working man’s truck is a truck with an 8-foot bed and four-wheel drive. These types of trucks are used by several people with blue-collar jobs and some white colors as well. It is extremely frustrating to see that you can not get an 8-foot long bed for less than $80,000 these days.

Flareside vs Styleside

Pickup trucks have been a crowd favorite all over the world for a long time. This is due to their size, durability, capabilities, and versatility. Car manufacturers have designed and redesigned their pickup truck models for a long time to keep them up to date and feature loaded. This gives the buyers plenty of options to choose from. It allows them to choose the size, engine, and bed designs.

Full-size pickup trucks come usually come with two types of bed designs. It is usually the Flareside or the Styleside bed design. Flareside designs feature rounded fenders that extend outward from the truck. On the other hand, Styleside designs are flat-sided beds with wheel archers carved within them.

Knowing the difference between the Flareside and the style side beds are extremely important. Especially for someone who is in the market to buy a truck and wants to make an informed decision about their vehicle. It is always better to read about the different truck bed styles so that you can weigh the pros and cons yourself properly.


Earlier, pickup trucks used to have their fenders on the bed’s exterior and ribbed steps on the side of the truck bed. This design was introduced by Ford and they decided to name it Flareside. This was so they could highlight the flared-out appearance of the bed. Ford has upgraded and redesigned the classic “Flareside” to meet the expectations and needs of the customers.

However, the other truck bed designs had a better response from the market and thus the Flareside was discontinued. Flareside beds are not available on the modern Ford F-150s and the super duty models. So if you want a Flareside in your garage you need to visit a used truck lot.


The Flat sided beds have been a standard design style with General Motors and Chevy pickup trucks. Ford saw the popularity of this design and decided to get a piece of the pie. They decided to come up with their very own version of the streamlined design called the Styleside. These Styleside beds didn’t have the same real wheel arches that came with the Flareside.

The fenders that are present on the Styleside design are located inside the beds themselves. These created an arch area on both sides of the ned. This allows more cargo storage with a design loved by several people. Most modern pickup trucks from Ford still have this Styleside layout bed. You should not have a problem finding a new pickup truck with this configuration.

Difference: Flareside vs Styleside

There are several differences between the Flareside and Styleside beds. It does beyond the point of mere appearance. Both these types have certain advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of the most common differences between the two that might help ease the decision.

1. Price

One of the key differences between these two-bed styles is the price these both come at. Styleside beds are modern streamlined and easily available in the market. Hence they are considerably cheaper in comparison to the Flareside.

If you want a sportier look and have the budget for it, you can go for the Flareside beds. Slidestyles are cheaper and give more cargo space so you need to make an informed decision.

2. Fender Position

Another difference between the Flareside and Styleside is the position both of them are placed in. the Flareside fenders are gracefully located on the truck’s exterior. They have ribbed steps on the side which allows the owners to access the cargo without any problem.

On the other hand, when we talk about the Sidestyle, the fenders are built into the body of the truck bed. They form an arch on both sides of the bed. This allows more cargo space for available for the owner. Inside fenders allow the beds to be wider and shorter. This results in a boxy design.

3. Appearance

Another point on the list of differences between these two styles is the appearance of these two. Pick-up trucks with the Flareside beds look aesthetically beautiful, sporty, and rugged. This classic design is something that not only evokes a sense of nostalgia but is loved by several enthusiasts.

In comparison to the Flareside, trucks with the Styleside beds look sleek and have a modern feel with the design. Most of the new Ford pickup trucks come with the Styleside beds. They might be sleek and a bit “low key” but they are extremely practical.

4. Truck Bed Space

Flareside beds are flamboyant sporty and less practical compared to the Styleside. The Flaresides trucks have rectangular beds that allow the owners to store longer items in the back. Styleside does not have the luxury to store longer items due to its narrow body.

The inside fenders that are present on the Styleside truck create arches on both the sides of the bed. This restricts the space to haul long items but this does provide overall more bed width. If you need to haul equipment like plywood and sheet metals, you need a Flareside truck because of the longer bed space. If not a Slideside might be the design to stick to.

Silverado Chevy Truck Bed Dimensions Chart

When it comes to performance capabilities the Chevy Silverado is one of the best pickup trucks available in the market. It simply has very less competition making it an absolute “beast”. Alongside its performance, they are available in different cab styles and bed sizes. The bed sizes that are available are the short, standard, and the long bed size that comes with the Silverado.

Not only do truck bed sizes differ depending upon the size of your cabin, but there are also three different truck beds to choose from. Hence here is the Chevy truck bed dimensions chart.

Chevy Silverado Truck Bed Dimensions Chart: Short

The Silverado short bed sizes are one of the best in the market. Here is the Chevy truck bed dimensions chart. The length of the cargo box floor is about 69 inches for the short bed. The cargo box width wheel housings are 50.63 inches. Lastly, the cargo box height (area) comes at 22.40 inches.

Chevy Silverado Truck Bed Dimensions Chart: Standard

When we talk about the standard size, the cargo box length on the floor comes at 79.44 inches. The width of the box on the floor is 71.40 inches. The cargo box area volume is 49.9 cubic feet.

Chevy Silverado Truck Bed Dimensions Chart: Long

Last but not least here are the dimensions for the long bed size for the Chevy Silverado.

  • The cargo box length at the floor is about 98.901 inches
  • Cargo box width at the floor: 71.40 inches
  • Cargo box Area Height — 22.40 in

Bed Size On Toyota Tacoma

Chevy Truck Bed Dimensions Chart

When you have a hard and rugged day ahead of you on a day-to-day basis, you need a truck that can handle this stress. The Toyota Tacoma is the correct choice for the extreme pressure thrown at them throughout the day. It checks all the boxes and this truck is available with a couple of bed length options.

It has a 6.1-foot long bed and a 5-foot short bed. The last option called the standard 6.1-foot option comes with a 73.7 inches length in the bed with a width of 41.5 inches. Besides that, it has a depth of 19.1 inches.

On the other hand, the 5-foot short bed is available with the option of getting a double cabin. This provides an inside bed length of 60.5 inches with a max width of 41.5 inches and a depth of 19.1 inches. The Toyota Tacoma access cab model provides drivers with a 1620-pound payload. The double cab can handle a maximum payload of 1505 pounds.

Ford F150 Bed Size

Ford F-150

The Ford F150 truck is one of the best trucks available in the market. It is rugged sporty and can handle any drive train. There are several benefits that come with a Ford F150. Ford uses high-strength military-grade aluminum that not only saves weight but also adds to the strength.

This allows the owners to have confidence while enjoying the added benefit of weight loss. The F150 is available in three bed dimensions, a 5.5-foot short Styleside, a standard 6.5-foot Styleside, and a long bed Styleside.

The smallest option features a bed floor that measures 67.1 inches long and 50.6 inches wide. Alongside that, the short bed option has a height of about 21.4 inches and provides 52.8 cubic feet of cargo space.

Moving up to the standard 6.5-foot Styleside people enjoy a truck bed that measures 78.9 inches long and 50.6 inches wide. The height of the standard size is the same 21.4 inches as its F150 siblings. This mid sizes bed option offers a cargo space of about 62.3 cubic feet.

Last but not the least, the largest F15o truck bed dimensions are available from the 8-foot Styleside. This features a truck bed that measures 97.6 inches long and 50.6 wide. as said before the height of this 8-footer is the same as the rest and comes in at 21.4 inches. This truck bed offers 77.4 cubic feet of cargo space. With the space combined with the military-grade aluminum, you can haul anything with absolute confidence.

Chevy Truck Bed Sizes: Facts

  1. Chevy trucks offer a variety of bed sizes for each model that affect the truck’s towing capacity, cabin space, and cargo-carrying capabilities.
  2. To help truck buyers, a Chevy truck bed size chart has been provided to compare bed sizes across the lineup.
  3. The Chevy Colorado truck bed sizes include a short bed and a long bed that can only be combined with certain cab size options.
  4. The Colorado short bed is available with a crew cab, while the long bed is available with an extended cab or crew cab.
  5. The cargo volume of the Colorado short bed is 41.30 cubic feet, and the cargo box length is 61.70 inches, while the cargo volume of the long bed is 49.90 cubic feet, and the cargo box length is 74.00 inches.
  6. The Chevy Silverado 1500 has three bed sizes – short, standard, and long – each of which can only be configured with specific cab size options.
  7. The short bed is available with a crew cab, the standard bed with a double cab or crew cab, and the long bed with a regular cab.
  8. The cargo volume of the Silverado 1500 short bed is 62.90 cubic feet, and the cargo box length is 69.92 inches, while the cargo volume of the standard bed is 71.70 cubic feet, and the cargo box length is 79.44 inches.
  9. The cargo volume of the Silverado 1500 long bed is 89.10 cubic feet, and the cargo box length is 98.18 inches.
  10. When paired with all available cab sizes, the cargo box width at the floor and the wheel housings is the same for both the Colorado and Silverado 1500 truck bed sizes.

Chevy Truck Bed Dimensions Chart: In Conclusion…

To conclude this article, the Chevy truck bed dimensions chart is something you need to know about before getting a pickup truck. There are several options that come with choosing a pickup truck.

There are several options that you do not even know about and that is why pickup trucks have been extremely popular all around the world. Different bed sizes are available for almost everyone. Be it the cabin size or the bed size. Knowing information about the chart will help you make an informed decision. 

Chevy Truck Bed Dimensions Chart: FAQs…

There are several questions that people have when it comes to the Chevy truck bed dimensions chart. Here are some of the most common ones that might help you educate yourself more on this topic.

How Wide Is A Truck

The Surface Transformation Assistance Act or STAA of 1982 has extended and decided the width that different trucks need to be. They have taken into consideration different things like the safety of the drivers as well as the people on the road. Trucks are usually 8.5-feet or 102-inches wide. Anything over this number is considered to be an oversized vehicle. This width also includes things like trailers, weather vans, shipping containers, or flatbeds. Oversized permits can be bought at the DMV for different uses. This permit can be for something as large as a house but things like the route, insurance, and time restrictions are also included with this permit.

What’s A Crew Cab

Trucks have been extremely popular in not only the United States Of America but around the world. There have been several new designs that have been created and recreated keeping the modern market in mind. This allowed different designs like the crew cab to come into existence.  A crew cab pick-up truck is a pickup truck that has a full-sized back seat and four doors. Trucks with a crew cab are among the biggest in the full-size pickup class. They are generally offered with the highest rim level, because of the exclusive interior detailing that goes with it. Another thing that comes with a crew cab is the lack of options regarding the truck bed. Usually, the visual cue of a crew cab is the fact that it comes with a short bed (when compared to other pickup trucks).

How To Measure Truck Bed

Before you buy a pickup truck to go on different adventures and weekend camps, it’s important to know all about measurements. It is important to measure the truck bed size before you buy a pickup to understand the cargo capacity. There are some truck accessories that require specific sizing before they can be installed. This includes thighs like bed rails, truck bed covers, and tool boxes. You would not want to order some expensive accessories and not have them fit on your truck. If you want to utilize the space on your truck to its maximum potential, start by measuring the width and length of the bed, respectively. Using, this, you can more easily calculate the square footage of the bed.

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