Alpine Vision Concept – As Good As The Alpine A110?

Alpine Vision Concept – As Good As The Alpine A110?

Ever since Renault shocked the world by unveiling the Alpine Vision concept car in Monte Carlo, there has only been one question in everyone’s mind – “Is it good enough to even come close to the widely loved Alpine A110?”

Alpine Vision Concept, What’s It All About?

There have recently been rumours about Renault releasing a new Alpine, and finally here it is: the Alpine Vision concept. Featuring a brand new 4 cylinder turbocharged engine, engineered by Renault sport, it will produce around 300 bhp and have extremely low weight of around 1040 kg, due to carbon fibre and fibreglass body.  It is also rumoured that it will be able to achieve 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds, and “deliver its power with an inviting purr.” It will  also  have a dual-clutch transmission just like the 4C – another lightweight sports car. All of this this means that it should be able to deliver the incredible agility and power that the A110 was known for.

Design Features

The exterior of the Alpine Vision concept is truly extraordinary, with its stunning wheels, pronounced headlights and sportish lines. It certainly does look like it deserves to be called a sports car. But the place where the Vision truly stuns is in the interior, with leather and microfibre hillclimb style seats, carbon all over the dash, and also a throwback to the A110 with an analogue stopwatch placed right next to the central screen. All of this really helps to bring together the best of the A110 whilst also adding a modern touch with the TFT screen, carbon fibre panels and a Lamborghini style start button.

Alpine Vision Concept – Who Are The Rivals?

The main rivals for the Vision will be other lightweight sports cars such as Alfa Romeo’s 4C, which is also known for its inventive headlights, all of Lotus’s lightweight speedsters, and with Porsche set to bring 4 cylinder engines to its Boxster and Cayman cars, it will also become a rival. However, Alpine does also have its heritage which should help them with the Vision, but it means they would really need to deliver one hell of a car!

When Can I Buy One?

Well, due to the Vision being a concept we are a little way from seeing this car on the road, however we will see the final version of the car before the end of 2020 and it will hopefully be going on sale in summer 2021. The final car has been rumoured to contain at least 80% of the concept’s car design, and will first be brought out to Europe and will then be released worldwide a short time after. Alpine say that the 12 months will give them time to make the final car extremely close to the concept, “in terms of design, weight, handling, agility and attention to detail.”

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