4 Reasons Your Car Key Fob Battery Drains Too Fast

4 Reasons Your Car Key Fob Battery Drains Too Fast

Ideally, you should replace your key fob battery every 1-3 years. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

You must have heard about people replacing their batteries every few months or weeks, right?

Has your key fob battery been going low too fast than it should have? This might be due to a number of reasons that include:

You Leave The Key Fob Within The Car Range For Too Long

When your key fob is within the car range (30-50m), it will be in constant communication with the car, so your battery will drain faster than expected.

A classic example is when you constantly leave the keys in the foyer by the garage door after parking your car in the garage. Since the key fob and the vehicle will be in constant communication, your battery is bound to go low fast.

To prevent this, keep the keys away from the car range.

If this is impossible, enable the Keyless feature. This way, your remote is turned off, and as a result, you save the battery.

You Have An Internal Short

If you have had your key fob for a long time or you have dropped it on several occasions, there is a possibility that you have an internal short that is draining the battery.

There is also the possibility that the key fob circuitry is corroded, especially if you live in wet areas or if you have dropped the key fob in water severally.

Unless you are a professional, don’t try to fix the short as you stand causing more problems than they already exist. The right way to go about it is to have the fob inspected by an expert. It will even be better if you can take the fob to your car’s service center and have it checked in there.

To prevent the key fob from corroding in the future, avoid dropping it in water. You should strive to keep it as dry as possible, and in the event it gets wet, move with haste and dry it as quickly as possible. You should even give it time to air out before using it again.

You Expose The Key Fob To Harsh Conditions

It’s not unusual for car owners to place their key fobs on the dashboard. While the fobs are in clear vicinity here, they are often exposed to the sun, which has been shown to significantly contribute to the draining of the battery.

To protect your battery, always store the key fob in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You also should never leave the key fob in a hot car.

You Are Using Fake Batteries

Like any other fake item, your fake key fob batteries will drain much faster than they should. If your batteries are dying too fast, it might be time to try a different brand.

Remember that you are better off buying expensive but durable batteries than cheap batteries that will die after a few months or weeks of use. As a rule of thumb, buy your batteries from a reputable store with a proven record.

To know some of the best stores to buy batteries and how to replace the battery in your key fob, visit FobBattery.com.

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